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Undergraduate Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Bachelor of Science in Political Science

Political science majors select at least one specialty option to complete their major requirements:

General Political Science
Environmental and Energy Politics
International Affairs
Law and Politics

Read more about political science options.

Degree Requirements

A total of 180 quarter credits are required to graduate, including 60 upper-division credits. Requirements include:

  1. Baccalaureate core: approx. 48 credits
  2. College of Liberal Arts Core: 15 credits
  3. B.A./B.S. requirements: 15 – 24 credits
  4. Political Science major requirements: 51 credits
  5. Electives if needed to meet the 180 credits, at least 60 upper division credits


Political Science Minor

Degree Guides

Political Science Degree Guide (PDF)
Political Science Oregon Transfer Guides