OSU-Cascades Vehicles

OSU-Cascades has a small fleet of university-owned vehicles available to faculty, staff, and students


  • Vehicles include: an all-wheel drive Ford Escape, a 12-passenger Sprinter van, a 12-passenger Ford van, and a Ford F-250 Truck. Heavy trailers should be towed with the truck only. Drivers pulling trailers must receive advance approval.

  • Employees can reserve the OSU-Cascades vans or truck for university-sponsored purposes. The reservation must be made by an employee of OSU-Cascades, but students can drive if they complete the waiver and van test.

Reservations for fleet vehicles are available on a “first-come, first-serve” basis and are limited to the vehicles available. If a fleet vehicle is not available, consider reserving a vehicle from Enterprise rental (see link from OSU's travel partner website). COCC vans are not available for rent. 

Each fleet vehicle that is available for general use has a unique calendar in Microsoft Outlook, which shows the availability of the vehicle during a given time and on a given day. You must reserve the vehicle through Outlook and only OSU-Cascades employees have access to the calendars; students must work though a member of the faculty or staff to reserve an OSU-Cascades fleet vehicle.

When reserving your vehicle, we recommend building in a “grace-period”, in case there is unanticipated traffic or a meeting runs long. Vehicles can be scheduled back-to-back; therefore, if your trip ends at 2:00 PM, it is very likely someone else will need to use the vehicle starting at 2:00 PM. Drivers that delay subsequent reservations will be assessed a late fee.


Driver Authorization

Prior to driving an OSU-Cascades Fleet vehicle, you must complete the necessary Online Driver Authorization Form.

If you wish to drive the van, you must complete Van Safety Training.

Please return signed and completed forms and/or a copy of your van test results to Casey Bergh


Adding Vehicle Calendars to Outlook

For PC Users:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Select the Calendar tab
  3. Select the “Home” menu/taskbar
  4. Click "+ Add" and select “Open Shared Calendar"
  5. Click "Name" and search the directory for “Cascades VEH”
  6. Select the vehicle calendar you would like to view:
    1. /Truck 17-01
    2. /Van 03-01
    3. /Sprinter Van 16-02
    4. /SUV 18-01

For MAC Users:

  1. Go to the dates you’d like to reserve a car
  2. Create a meeting
  3. Invite "Cascades VEH" as if you are inviting a person to a meeting. Do not invite "Cascades VEH", but add the calendar for the vehicle of your choice (e.g., Cascades VEH/SUV 18-01), from the options below. 
  • Cascades VEH/Truck 17-01
  • Cascades VEH/Van 03-01
  • Cascades VEH/Sprinter Van 16-02
  • Cascades VEH/SUV 18-01

4. Go to Scheduling and verify the vehicle is available for the entire duration of your trip. 

  1. If available, click on “Appointment” and “Send”
  2. If not available go to “Appointment” and delete the current vehicle calendar and repeat steps 3-4

If the vehicle you need is not available, contact us via email for assistance.


Reservation Changes

  1. Reservations changes or cancelations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the user will be charged the daily rate for the vehicle reserved.
  2. In order to make changes, open the Outlook appointment, modify the date and time as necessary, to a time the vehicle is available. 


Vehicle Rates and Fees

A vehicle usage form is provided in all fleet vehicles and must be completed at the end of each reservation. The form facilitates tracking of mileage for billing purposes, scheduling routine maintenance, and estimating needs for fleet expansion. Departments with dedicated vehicles will be responsible to return the completed form to the business office monthly. 

Fleet usage rates will vary based on type of vehicle. For a trip with a duration of 6 hours or less, the user will be charged an hourly rate or mileage (whichever is greater). For trips in excess of that duration, a daily rate and per-mile rate will apply.


Van (Two available)



Hourly (up to 6 hrs)




Daily Rate (Over 6 hrs)




Per Mile*




Late Return Charge




Cleaning Fee

$100 - $275

$100 - $275

$100 - $275

Lost Key Charge




*Fuel surcharges of may apply if fuel rates exceed $5.00/gallon