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Units and Programs within Transportation Services

OSU-Cascades Vehicles

To reserve an OSU-Cascades vehicle or Zipcar, click here.

Parking Management

Transportation Services establishes parking rules and regulations; provides an online website to manage vehicle registration and payment for parking fees; maintain campus parking facilities; and, coordinate with Public Safety to issue citations.

Cascades Commuters

Sign up to earn rewards through our multimodal transportation program designed to incentivize students, staff, and faculty to walk, bike, bus, or share a ride to campus. 

Bicycling Resources

We manage the Zagster bike share program that started on our campus and has now grown, through private sponsorship, to include 8 stations throughout Bend's westside and downtown.

Local Transit Services

Transportation Services coordinates with the local transit agency (Cascades East Transit) to provide transit access for students and employees. 

Mobility Lab

The Mobility Lab brings regional partners, faculty experts and students together to leverage technolgy and identify, test and prove transportation concepts before they are executed at larger scales.



Casey Bergh, Transportation Program Manager

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