Roll up your sleeves. Make the world better.

Oregon State University is a research powerhouse because we want to make a difference. You can, too. At OSU-Cascades, undergraduate students work alongside faculty researchers and in our Energy Systems, FORCE, and Human and Ecosystem Resiliency and Sustainability Labs.

You can contribute to research that helps restore river banks, keeps skiers safe in snowy mountains, nurtures vulnerable children and encourages adults to live longer, happier lives.

Dialogue through Storytelling

In the Community Dialogue Project, students Alexa Tawzer and Nathan Goldberg researched storytelling and blogging as a way to dialogue about highly-contested community topics. They also participated in a second project on dialogue, communication improvisation, and Jam Band communities.

Small Fish. Big Questions.

Deidre Hall is one of eight undergraduate students at OSU-Cascades working on The Stickleback Project. Stickleback fish can tell researchers about a specific kind of pollution emerging in area rivers.

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Witness to Evolutionary Change

“This summer, while searching for pika populations in low elevation lava flows in Central Oregon, the research team deployed a camera trap at a particular haypile which seemed promising in terms of pika observation. Camera traps in wildlife ecology have the ability to redefine concepts developed about pika and other species, which I find to be most stimulating.” - Corrinne Oedekerk, Student Researcher

Discovery Happens at the Edge

New study and new technology will help rock climbers improve performance.

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