Dr. Xiang (Shawn) Zhang

Dr. Xiang completed his PhD at University of Maryland where he focused on additively manufactured high temperature compact heat exchanger. He has designed, fabricated, and operated a high temperature experimental setup for testing different heat exchanger configurations. Xiang came to OSU - Cascades as a postdoc in December 2018 and became a research associate in December 2019. Xiang is now also working as machine shop and makerspace manager at OSU - Cascades. His research interest includes heat transfer, thermal management and advanced manufacturing.

Dr. Durga Prasad Ghosh

Dr. Ghosh received his doctorate from Indian Institute of Technology, Patna, where he worked on flow boiling in nanostructured microchannels.  He has designed, fabricated, and operated a high temperature experimental setup for testing different techniques to mitigate thermohydraulic fluctuations typically occurring during flow boiling in microchannels. Durga joined OSU - Cascades as a postdoc in December 2019. His research interest includes heat transfer and transport phenomena in multi-phase systems, thermal management, energy conversion and surface engineering. His current research work focuses on solar desalination process and wastewater treatment.


Lab Manager

Sandra Dennis

Sandra is a recent OSU graduate completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts, Media, and Technology. She joined the WET Lab in 2019 as an Undergraduate Research Assistant and now works as an Instrument Technician. Her background is in the field of Automotive Technology having worked as an ASE Master Tech for 15 years. She is involved in design, fabrication and testing of experimental facilities. She is also responsible for WET Lab advertisement and promotions, 3D design of experimental facilities and technical figures for research publications.

Graduate Students

PhD students

Mohammed A. Elhashimi (2018-Present)

Mohammed completed his MS in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University.  He is currently working on his PhD developing new measurement techniques for evaporation rates in spray environments, cyclone separators for humid air operation, as well as optimization and AI tools for water desalination technologies. Mohammed has experience in the oil & gas industry as a mechanical and piping engineer.

Hannah O’Hern (2019-Present)

Hannah is a graduate student in the mechanical engineering program at OSU. She received her B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Tulsa in 2016. She then received her M.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Tulsa in 2018. Her masters project involved modeling of hybrid solar thermal and photovoltaic power plants. Hannah joined the lab in January 2019 and has been primarily working on system modeling in python and CFD as well as developing AI based digital twins for system components. Outside of work, Hannah enjoys cooking, gardening, and hiking.

Deepak Sharma (2019-Present)

Deepak is a Ph.D. student of Dr. Bahman Abbasi at Oregon State University. Currently, he is working on two projects targeting development of two novel water purification techniques. He worked as Junior Research Fellow (2017-2018) focusing on the development of an agriculture waste based gasifier system as an alternate source of energy in off-grid areas. He received his Masters degree (2015-17) from Indian Institute of Technology Patna, under the supervision of Dr. Rishi Raj. He was awarded with the Best Masters Thesis Award in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is interested in energy, water purification, interfacial science, thermal and fluid transport, surface engineering, multi-phase flow, and phase-change phenomena.

Elnaz Nikooei (2019-Present)

Elnaz graduated in Energy Systems Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran. She has a background in Chemical Engineering and more than three years of work experience in the energy industry. She has experience in wastewater treatment, air quality modeling and applying intelligent systems in optimization and forecasting problems. Elnaz is currently a Ph.D. student in mechanical engineering at OSU and joined the FRESH-Frac project in June 2019. She works on the separation process and designing the relevant experiments.


Masters Students

Kyle Anderson (2020-Present)

Kyle joined the Water and Energy Technology (WET) lab fall of 2019 as an Energy Systems Engineering undergraduate working on his capstone design project. This project was primarily focused on collecting efficiency data on a demister device used to separate contaminated air from clean liquid water. Starting spring of 2020, Kyle decided to continue his education by enrolling as a graduate student at Oregon State University’s School of Mechanical Engineering. Kyle’s focus as a master’s student is in thermal fluid science research related to water purification that is currently ongoing at the WET lab. Outside of school, Kyle enjoys whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, snowboarding and many other activities in the outdoors.

Morgon Messer (2020-Present)

Morgan is a masters student working as graduate research assistant in mechanical engineering program at OSU. She completed her undergraduate degrees at Oregon State University in both Energy Systems Engineering and Sustainability. She has previous experience at Warn industries working on manufacturing processes, Daimler Trucks North America working on electric semi-trucks, and at OSU working on improving coin cell battery life. She works on a fracking wastewater treatment project for the WET-lab at OSU-Cascades.

Katerina Reynolds (2021-Present)

Katerina graduated with Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from University of Colorado. After working in product design for 2 years at Entegris she joined the WET lab in 2021. Katerina is currently working on her Masters in mechanical engineering, researching the treatment of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Michelle Gee

Michelle is a senior energy systems engineering undergraduate and currently enrolled in the accelerated masters program for mechanical engineering. She will graduate with her BS in spring 2022 and her MS in spring 2024. She has been working on the solar desalination demo in the WET lab since 2021, and is looking forward to furthering the pursuit of bringing drinkable water to the masses at low cost.


Ifeanyi Uwaoma (Masters Student: 2019-2021)

Ifeanyi is a resilient Petroleum Engineer with 6 years working experience in the production oil and gas industry. As a petroleum engineer, he has worked on various multi-dimensional projects with various work forces. His work experience cut across Flow-station management, Drilling, Workover & Well Completion and Production operations. As a Flow-station and production staff with Dubri Oil Company, he was responsible for monitoring and managing flows and processes from the wells through the manifold to the separators and barges. He started his education in Nigeria where he completed his National Diploma (OND) in Electrical Electronics Engineering, Higher National Diploma (HND) in Telecommunication Engineering.

Jordan Rote (undergraduate Resrach Assistant: 2019-2022)

Jordan is currently enrolled at OSU-C in the Energy Systems Engineering program. The program has multiple disciplines in engineering but focuses on sustainable energy. He is due to graduate in Spring 2022 and plans on attending graduate school. Jordan came to the WET lab as a research assistant in December 2019. He was involved in the design and development of a novel perforated plate atomizer for contaminating fluids and its characterization using high speed videography. He also received Layman’s Fellowship on this project.