Northwestern Hub for Bat Population Research and Monitoring

We study persistence and extinction risks of bats in the context of growing threats from white-nose syndrome and rapid environmental changes occurring across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We provide expertise on the natural history and ecology of bats, methods of survey design and acoustic call processing for species identification, and statistical analysis.

Photo credit: Michael Durham

Interagency Collaboration

We serve as a center of gravity for interagency collaboration to pursue questions of common interest about bat conservation status and trends and inform evidence-based conservation decision-making. 

Our collaborative hub enables pooling of resources and an economy of scale, leveraging individual partner investments for coordinated regional conservation knowledge and action.

Bat Chats

KPTV: Wildlife Researcher on the OSU Audible Bat Project - Sara goes over how volunteers can get involved in the Audible Bats Project citizen science endeavor. 

Think Out Loud, OPB: As Spring Approaches, Oregon Bats Begin to Take Wing - Beth chats about Oregon's bat diversity, eastside versus westside species, bat boxes, and how pollinator gardens can help our furry flying friends. 

Oregon Wild Webcast: The Mysterious World of Spotted Bats - Sara and Tom talk about one of Oregon's most unique and mysterious species, the elusive spotted bat.

Northwest Nature Matters Podcast: When Mammals Fly: Exploring the Natural History and Conservation of Bats - Bat Hub staff discuss bat biology and research and the Bat Hub’s role in bat conservation & monitoring.

North American Bat Monitoring Program

The Bat Hub supports the North American Bat Monitoring Program.

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