Park Studies

Parks & Protected Areas

We study parks and protected areas in the Pacific Northwest, including National Park Service sites such as Crater Lake National Park and Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. Closer to home, we work in the Forest Service’s Newberry National Volcanic Monument. Our focus of study is the persistence and extinction risks facing park natural resources, including threatened plant and animal communities in relation to the impacts of fire, biological invasion, and climate change. We pursue a highly collaborative research model whereby we work closely with park managers and other stakeholders to co-produce and translate the scientific information into conservation action. Our Lab includes OSU faculty, staff, and students, and embedded National Park Service scientists. We also work closely with other university and agency scientists and decision-makers.

NPS Inventory & Monitoring Program

The NPS Inventory and Monitoring Division has embedded scientists in our Park Studies program to help direct and implement long-term monitoring in National Park Units across the Pacific Northwest region. The HERS Lab partners closely with the Upper Columbia Basin Network (UCBN), sharing staff, protocols, and office space. The lab also has affiliations with the Klamath Network, North Coast and Cascades Network, Mojave Desert Network, and Upper Columbia Basin Network.

Internships & Opportunities

We offer exceptional opportunities for students and early career scientists to participate in monitoring and research. Our career development program is unique because it allows emerging professionals to go beyond the typical summer fieldwork curriculum. By immersing our technicians in study design, collaboration, fieldwork, and analysis, we help them prepare for roles as problem-solvers, collaborators, and leaders in the natural resources field. Contact Us