Field Experience

School Counseling

In the School Counseling option, we place students in public schools, K-12, throughout Central Oregon, for their practicums and internships. Placements are secured by the educational placement coordinator who works with local districts to identify potential placement opportunitites. The coordinator will work with students to introduce and finalize their placements in the elementary, middle and high schools with our district partners.

Professional Development Schools Practicum Model

Graduate students in the School Counseling option complete their practicum in the Professional Development Schools (PDS) model. In the PDS model, local K-12 schools partner with higher education to provide a practicum on site. Graduate students learn through participation in experiences that meet the needs of the school and are coordinated with graduate learning goals.

The PDS model promotes counseling students’ multi-cultural and social justice competencies, particularly social justice advocacy when implemented in urban and underserved communities. Students learn the school culture, facilitate classroom guidance lessons, small support and educational groups, and provide one-on-one individual academic and personal/social support.

Practicum students are supervised by university faculty who remain at the schools throughout the day.

School Counseling Site Supervisors

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Clinical Mental Health

OSU-Cascades Counseling Clinic

In the Clinical Mental Health option, students obtain their practicum hours at the OSU-Cascades Counseling clinic.  Our state-of-the-art clinic provides students with the opportunity to counsel clients while supervised by faculty. The Clinic also serves as an internship site for students.


In the Clinical Mental Health option, students are placed at local agencies throughout Central Oregon. Sites and placements vary greatly, ranging in specialty populations, locations, and severity of clients’ presenting concerns. Placements are secured by students with the help of the intern placement coordinator, who works with local agencies to identify potential placement opportunities.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Site Supervisors

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