Liberal Studies and Education

The liberal studies major is a great fit for students who intend to pursue a teacher licensure program in secondary education with endorsement in social studies and language arts. Students will complete the liberal studies bachelor's degree program while also preparing to apply and enter into a Masters of Teaching (M.A.T.) program. Creating the major Plan of Study with a breath of courses in secondary content competency areas will provide a good foundation for a future teacher.
Langauge Arts and Social Studies Pre-Designed Theme

Many of our students plan on applying for the OSU-Cascades M.A.T. program. Student's should work with both their major advisor and the admission advisor for M.A.T. concurrently as they create academic plans.

Every teacher licensure program has different admission requirements and prerequisite classes, so make sure that you are planning ahead. Completing the liberal studies bachelor's degree does not guarantee acceptance into any teacher licensure program, including the OSU-Cascades M.A.T.