Gain experience by completing an internship while finishing your Bachelor Degree.  Internships are valuable addition to academic work and will help students to clarify career goals once they graduate.  Students who complete an internship while in college are able to make the connection between their classroom work and how it is used in the "real" world.

Liberal Studies students should consider completing an internship that connects with their Theme and Plan of Study.

Steps to preparing for internships in Liberal Studies:

Find internship opportunities

  • Work with the OSU-Cascades Internship Coordinator or a faculty member to help identify internships that will be best for you and your goals.
  • Consider if you would like to do an international internship
  • Decide how you will incorporate your internship in your degree
  • Work with your advisor to see how to incorporate your internship into your liberal studies major.  No more than 6 credits of internship can be used in your major. 
  • Work with a faculty member in the College of Liberal Arts to set up receiving internship for credit, the faculty member will open a 410 section for the student to receive credit. Credit amount depends on internship hours.  1 credit = 30 hours of internship.  For example COMM 410 (3 credits) would be 90 hours of internship in a 10 week term.
  • Max of 12 credits of 410 can be completed (only 6 may be used in Liberal Studies major).

Complete internship

  • Complete internship in a professional manor
  • Make connections with the people you work with so that you will have reference and networking opportunities in the future.