About the Liberal Studies Degree

The liberal studies major allows students to design their own plan of study organized around a theme. The theme is created by the student to support their career and personal goals. This interdisciplinary approach provides greater breadth and flexibility than can be found in other majors. Students mix and match courses from the following OSU-Cascades departments: American studies, anthropology, art, English, communication, political science, psychology, sociology, and writing.

Students in liberal studies receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for a variety of experiences and careers. Liberal studies introduces students to diverse subject matter. In addition to this breadth of new knowledge, students will develop communication skills and the ability to think critically, a combination in demand everywhere in today's job market. The OSU-Cascades liberal studies program encourages students to seek opportunities beyond their degree requirements to further facilitate their ability to think critically and communicate competently in contexts outside the university.

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Pre-Education Planning

If you are interested in being a elementary or secondary educator you may want to complete a liberal studies degree to prepare for your Master of Arts in Teaching degree for teaching licensure. Planning early and clarifying your pathway to being a teacher is important.
More information about liberal studies pre-education planning.

Pre-Law Planning

Students will want to plan early for getting into the Law School as they work toward finishing their bachelor's degree requirements. Check out this helpful website to prepare and research a pre-law focus as a liberal studies major.

OSU's Pre-Law Program

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