Distinguished Student Award

Criteria for the Natural Resources Program

Each year the Dean of Academic Affairs requests that all programs at OSU-Cascades submit nominations for a distinguished graduating student by major of study.  Faculty within each program work collaboratively to generate a list of potential students who are evaluated against pre-determined decision criteria.  Although it is a requirement that all programs participate in the evaluation process faculty may choose not to submit a nomination if no single student distinguished themselves from their peers.  The Distinguished Student award is intended to honor truly outstanding student performance at OSU-Cascades.  Toward that end faculty of the Natural Resources Program have developed the following criteria for student nomination:

  1. Overall GPA, with particular emphasis on upper division OSU classes (5 pts)
  2. GPA trend (5 pts)
  3. Level of classroom interaction (5 pts)
  4. Commitment to professional development outside of the classroom (internships, volunteering, seasonal/part-time/full-time employment in a related field) (5 pts)
  5. Service (community, institution, program—committees, volunteerism, projects on campus) (5 pts)

To be nominated a student must score a minimum of 20 points when summed across the five criteria. In the event that no graduating student in the program receives a minimum score of 20 points there will be no nomination for the academic year.