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When you study natural resources at OSU’s campus in Bend, you join one of the world’s top forestry schools. OSU’s College of Forestry is internationally recognized for its ground-breaking research and for preparing graduates who can take on the complex challenges that face our natural world.


One of the best colleges offering degrees in natural resources & conservation
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OSU's College of Forestry is ranked second in the world


National forests and public lands in Central Oregon form our 2.5 million-acre classroom

American Pika and Northwestern Bat Hub


In the Human and Ecosystem Resiliency and Sustainability Lab, you can study how populations of plants and animals respond to changing environmental conditions. The Lab has established long-term monitoring programs focused on American pika (Ochotona princeps) and bat species in the Pacific Northwest.

Deepen Your Understanding

You already appreciate nature. Now understand its complexity. In this interdisciplinary degree, students study science, management and policy topics with expert faculty who have experience in research, public agencies and industry. You’ll study complex interactions that take place in the natural world — and how humans can impact them. 

Your courses will include ecology, fish and wildlife, watershed management, habitat restoration, environmental ethics and law, sociology, and resource policy.

Our graduates are prepared to make the natural world better in careers in resource ecology, land use, water resources, environmental policy, resource technology and natural resource education – or even to apply to graduate school.

Get an Edge with Specialized Options

Your courses cross a broad spectrum of natural resource areas. By adding an option, you can further increase your understanding.  

Connected to the Land



Anthony Dubisar was tired of dead-end jobs. A Prineville native and lover of the land, working for the Forest Service always appealed to him. So he started at COCC, and then transferred to OSU-Cascades to pursue a bachelor’s degree in natural resources. He's now out there — working for the Forest Service and managing our public lands for future generations.

Meet Anthony

Sample Course Offerings

Forest Types of the Northwest
Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Managing Natural Resources for Future
Wildland Plant Identification
Desert Watershed Management
Sustainable Communities
Aquatic Entomology
Endangered Species
Management of Pacific Salmon
Rangeland Management
Environmental Politics and Policy

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