Natural Resources Academic Internship

All students majoring in natural resources have the option of completing an internship that can involve working with regional, state, or federal land management agencies or with organizations involved in resource management.

NR 410 Internship

An internship is similar to a project, but may have a broader focus and include more general skills. Both internships and projects require defined learning objectives and a final academic project (e.g. research paper, blog, site plan, website, poster, display, project, etc.) An internship might be a seasonal job, field work or part-time work over an extended period of time. It is different from a project because a Site Supervisor is required as well as an OSU Internship Supervisor. The Site Supervisor will provide expertise in the field and an assessment of your work upon completion of the internship. The OSU Internship Supervisor will monitor your progress and assign the grade. Internships can be graded on a Pass/No Pass or A-F grading basis. You will submit a professionally written proposal that includes a description of your project, the learning objectives, and the final product that documents your learning. The research paper (or other product or deliverable) will be graded by the OSU Internship Supervisor. You can find many internships and seasonal work positions posted on the College of Forestry Employment Opportunities webpage. Or work with the OSU-Cascades Experiential Education Coordinator.

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Student Checklist

These deadlines are set according to the academic term during which you enroll in NR 410.

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Internship Sponsor Requirements

These guidelines have been written to clarify the relationship among interns, sponsoring organizations, and the natural resources program at OSU-Cascades.

Internship Sponsor Agreement

Send or bring the original of this form to the Natural Resources Internship Coordinator by the first week of the term.