Year at A Glance

First Placement: Begins at the end of August during in-service week and runs through winter break for both Elementary and Secondary (Middle & High School)

August 26th, 2024, 4:30-6:30pm: Cooperating teacher dinner and training! All cooperating teachers, both fall and winter/spring, are invited! Please come!

End of August: First Placement begins (Student Teaching Internship)

September: University Supervisor (US) will introduce themselves to you and will later informally observe the Teacher Candidate (TC)

Mid-October to Early November: 1st Round of Observations (US & CT observing, calibrating, and scoring the same lesson together lessons)

November: Full Week off for Thanksgiving Break (No OSU courses or classroom internship for TCs)

November/December: 2nd Cooperating Teacher observation could happen anytime November to winter break, based on the Teacher Candidate's readiness. This will be one lesson you will observe on your own (CT2). 

November/December: 2nd University Supervisor observation (US2) could happen anytime November to winter break, based on the Teacher Candidate's readiness. This will be a different lesson than the one you observe for CT2.

Mid-December: By the end of the First Placement: Complete Formative Evaluation (US, CT, and TC together: Formative Evaluation & Professional Dispositions Evaluation)

Varies by district:  Last day of Fall Student Teaching corresponds to last student-contact day before Winter Break varies by district.


Second Placement Begins for Elementary and Secondary after winter break. 

Late January-mid February: 1st Round of Observations (one joint observation -- US & CT observes one lesson together to calibrate scoring. CT submits scores on SLL.)

Mid February/ Early March: Your Teacher Candidate will plan and teach their Teacher Performance Assessment (Elementary: ORTPA 2 literacy lessons; Secondary: edTPA 3 lessons)

March: OSU-Cascades Spring Break (Student teaching placements vary in spring break length and timing; your TC should follow your school’s Spring Break.)

First day after your school district’s Spring Break: Full-time Placement (Student Teaching) begins (5 days a week, 40 hours a week)

April: Observation Round Two

May: Observation Round Three

Mid May: Spring Oral Exams (MAT Candidates out for ½ day, excused)

End of May: Summative Evaluation & Professional Dispositions Evaluations (CT/US/TC)

May 28th, 2024, 5-7pm:  Cooperating Teacher/Teacher Candidate Celebration dinner. Let's share a toast to the new graduates! All cooperating teachers are invited! 

June: Last Day of school is last day of student teaching