How to accept your financial aid award?

You can accept, decline or revise your financial aid award by completing the following steps:

  • Login to MyOSU portal using your ONID username and password
  • Select Paying for College tab
  • Select Financial Aid Award link on the right
  • Select Main Menu tab
  • Select Financial Aid link
  • Select My Overall Status for financial aid link
  • Select the applicable academic year 
  • Check for any outstanding requirements by clicking on unsatisfied requirements link, if any 
  • Otherwise, click on the hyperlinked word ‘awarded'
  • Then click on the Review the Terms & Conditions tab and review the information carefully
  • Finally, review and accept your financial aid award package by selecting the ‘Accept Award Offer’ tab
    • Grants and scholarships are gift aids and don’t have to be repaid
    • Loans must be paid back
    • Work-study (must be earned through on-campus employment)

Calculate your OSU-Cascades tuition and fees for the term and for the year using the tuition and fees schedule

  • If dual-enrolled, review your COCC tuition and fees separately
  • Must take minimum of 15 credits to graduate in 4 years

Accept loans if needed

  • To accept full amount, click on ‘Accept Full Amount All Awards’
  • To accept partial amount, enter the needed amount in the box and click on ‘Submit Decision’

In Summary, to receive federal financial aid, you must:

  • Complete Unsatisfied Requirements, if any
  • Accept your Financial Aid Award
  • Complete Entrance Counseling (if you are a first time loan borrower)
  • Complete Loan Agreement MPN (if you are a first time loan borrower)
  • Take at least 6 credits per term