DPP Financial Aid

The 2024-2025 FAFSA will be available starting in December, please visit 2024-25 FAFSA to learn more.

Contact us with your financial aid and scholarship questions!

Once admitted into DPP, you are admitted to two schools: OSU-Cascades and a community college of your choice. Each term you have a choice of taking classes at one or both of the schools. If you are receiving federal financial aid or scholarships, you MUST choose one of your schools as your home school. See instructions below. 

  • You will receive financial aid from your home school only.  
  • Your other school would be considered your partner school.

Home School

All DPP students must choose a home school and receive their financial aid through their home school only. This is how it works.

  • If you are taking classes at OSU-Cascades only, OSU-Cascades must be your home school.
  • If you are taking classes at the Community College only, the Community College must be your home school.
  • If you are taking classes at both OSU-Cascades and the Community College, you must choose one of the schools as your home school and receive your financial aid through your home school only.

Financial Aid Enrollment Requirements

Your home school requires a minimum credit hour enrollment to pay your financial aid. Find your home school from the list below and the minimum amount of credits you must take each term at your home school to receive your financial aid. Example: If OSU-Cascades is your home school, you must take at least 1 credit at OSU-Cascades each term in addition to the credits you are taking at the partner school to receive your financial aid from OSU. Your courses at the partner school must be transferrable to OSU-Cascades to be counted toward your overall enrollment level at OSU-Cascades for financial aid and scholarships.

1 credit/1 class 6 credits
OSU-Cascades Blue Mountain CC
Chemeketa CC Central Oregon CC
Clatsop CC Columbia Gorge CC
Clackamas CC Lane CC
Klamath CC Mt. Hood CC
Linn-Benton CC Oregon Coast CC
Tillamook Bay CC Portland CC
Umpqua CC Rogue CC
  Southwestern Oregon CC
  Treasure Valley CC
  Hawai'i CC
  Kapio'lani CC
  Maui CC


Important Notes

  • Be sure to add OSU-Cascades and partner schools to your FAFSA. OSU-Cascades federal school code is 003210.
  • Each home school may have different aid packages and rules around financial aid and scholarships for DPP students, so you should plan and work with your home school's financial aid office to understand their financial aid and scholarship requirements and expectations.
  • OSU must be your home school to receive your OSU-funded grants or scholarships.
  • If OSU is your home school, you must be registered for all your classes by the OSU's Financial Aid Census Date each term, and take at least 6 credits at OSU-Cascades and enroll in at least 12 credits each term to receive your financial aid and scholarships from OSU.
  • Your scholarships may have specific requirements. Know your scholarship requirements!
  • For the Oregon Promise Grant, you must choose the Community College as your home school.
  • No financial aid money is sent to your partner school to pay off your account balance if you have any. It is your responsibility to check your balance at your partner school and pay off your balance using your refund from your home school if you receive any.

Choose your Home School

Choosing OSU-Cascades as your Home School

  1. Register at OSU-Cascades.
  2. Complete the Home School Declaration through your financial aid portal 24-48 hours after your registration. Follow the step-by-step instructions below.
    • Login to My.OregonState.Edu
    • Select 'Finances' tab
    • Select "Financial Aid' link
    • Select 'Home School Declaration" survey link
    • Choose OSU as your home school for financial aid

Choosing COCC as your Home School

  1. Register at COCC.
  2. Contact COCC's financial aid office to declare COCC as your home school.
  • Phone: 541-383-7260
  • Email: coccfinaid@cocc.edu
  • Address: Boyle Education Center, 2600 NW College Way, Bend, OR 97703

Changing Home School after your initial Home School choice

Please send an email from your OSU email to dpp@oregonstate.edu and include the following in your email:

  • Your full name
  • OSU ID number
  • Effective term
  • The school you would like to choose as your home school