Dr. Xiang Zhang
Machining Shop & Makerspace Manager

Dr. Xiang completed his Ph.D. at University of Maryland where he focused on additively manufactured high temperature compact heat exchanger. He has designed, fabricated, and operated a high temperature experimental facility for testing different heat exchanger configurations at 700 Celsius. Dr. Xiang came to OSU-Cascades in December 2018 as a postdoc to work on desalination and wastewater treatment, and became a research associate in December 2019 to manage multiple research projects. Dr. Xiang is now working as machining shop & makerspace manager at OSU-Cascades. His research interest includes heat transfer, thermal management, system energy saving, and advanced manufacturing.



Tim Murphy 
Technical Lead

Tim is an Energy Systems Engineering student who would love to use a combination of artistic principles with engineering ones in his career. In the space he has experience with 3D scanning, 3D printing, desktop CNC, laser engraving, and sewing.

Rebekah O’Neill 
Technical Assistant

Rebekah is pursuing a major in Engineering Sciences and a minor in Outdoor Products hoping to be an engineer for a company that designs products for the outdoor industry. She has experience with every machine in the space and enjoys aiding people in their design processes as well.

Brayden Morse 
Technical Assistant

Brayden is pursuing a degree in Energy Systems Engineering and would love to use his degree to further efforts in the clean energy sector. He is passionate about designing / fabricating, and can aid in projects using 3D printing, scanning, engraving, sewing, or milling.

John West
Technical Assistant

Johnny is an outdoor products student and a passionate designer, fabricator and problem solver. He has many years of experience with all the tools in the space and is always excited to help anyone design or build whatever they are looking to achieve. He has spent the last few years designing, developing and living out of truck campers that he has built. He is also an avid outdoor enthusiast and spends most of his time doing sports including snowboarding, rock climbing, and river surfing. He is always approachable, supportive, and excited to help people make something they are proud of.



Raine Kosek

Raine is training to become a product designer for the climbing, skiing, and mountaineering sectors of the outdoor industry. As such, he has a clear understanding of workflows within the space involving every machine and can directly guide students through the design and development process. Beyond his fabrication experience, Raine has been involved in medical research, graphic design, and is an accomplished climber and backcountry skier in Oregon.