Use the Makerspace

If you are studying or working at OSU-Cascades and would like to go through the prototyping process yourself or get access to resources about how to use the machine(s)/tool(s) available at OSU-Cascades Makerspace, please talk to Makerspace staff or ask about OSU-Cascades Makerspace Canvas page.

The OSU-Cascades Makerspace Canvas page will guide you through an integrated workflow that will help you understand the capabilities we offer in the space, choose a machine(s)/tool(s) that you would be interested in learning for your project or just in general, and help you understand safety and operational information for those machine(s)/tool(s).   

If you are interested, please reach out to Dr. Xiang Zhang. Access to the OSU-Cascades Makerspace Canvas page is currently by invite only.