FY23 Funding Allocations


Unit Name FY24 Total Funding
Associated Students of Cascades Campus $347,293.50
Campus Recreation, Club Sports, & Cascades Adventures $237,782.99
Student Engagement (Clubs/Orgs & Events Council) $125,910.00
Human Services & Resources $41,500.00
Student Success Center $174,057.00
Health & Wellness Center $394,000.00
Contingency Fee $54,000.00
Total FY 24 Student Fee Budget $1,374,543.49


Campus Expansion

Per an MOU with the University, The Student Fee Committee has also agreed to set aside additional student fee funds to support the building of two new "student-centered buildings" as the OSU-Cascades campus continues to expand. These two building will be built with the next two phases of construction. The first being a the Student Success Center (anticipated completion late Spring 2025) to serve as a place for students to gather and get resources all in one location, and the second a Student Health & Recreation center serving as a combination of the gym as well as a location for students to access health services. 

As these two buildings are designed, the Student Fee Committee will be reaching out to collect student input. 

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