Any active OSU-Cascades student club or organization may submit budget requests for the 2021-2022 academic year. Clubs must have a mission statement, constitution, and advisor agreement on record with the Office of Student Life, an active faculty advisor and at least four active members. Visit the Student Organization page for more information on starting a new club or running an existing club.

Community organizations that support the mission of the OSU-Cascades Student Fee Committee may request annual funding. Projects must directly benefit the students of OSU-Cascades.

Application Process

All prospective clubs, programs, and organizations are required to submit a narrative outlining how their program meets the mission of the OSU-Cascades Student Fee Committee, and how it serves the students of OSU-Cascades. The narrative must include an outline of past programs with a brief evaluation of those programs' successes and opportunities for improvement. Specific information on the number of OSU-Cascades students served will be helpful in the review process.

Please review the documentation available on the Student Fee Committee Funding page for information concerning the funding processes.