Find Peer Mentor Spring 2021 Office Hours Here

Alan Chew

Hi, my name is Alan Chew, I am from Ontario, Oregon, and I’m majoring in Civil Engineering. With my free time I like to climb, workout, read, hang out with friends and I am down for pretty much anything. I really enjoy meeting new people so if you see me around feel free to say hi. Sko Beavs.

Anahi Torres-Pimentel 

My name is Anahi Torres-Pimentel and I am from Salem, OR. I am currently majoring in bio-health science with an option in pre physician assistant. Outside of school I enjoy spending time with family and friends, going on hikes and shopping!

David Zhan

Hello Everyone! My name is David Zhan and I am a Biohealth science student with an option in pre-physical therapy. I am from Portland Oregon and enjoying being out with friends and just having a good time. When I am not in classes, I can be found preparing for classes, doing homework for classes, or taking a nap before my next class. In all honesty, I enjoy playing tennis, sketching out some drawings, and trying out new food! I'm excited to see new faces and welcome everyone to the TRIO program.

Gerardo Ramirez

Hey everyone! 

My name is Gerardo Ramirez, but many of my friends and family call me Doch! Its like coach but with a D! My hometown is Yuba City, California, about an hour north of Sacramento. I'm a first generation college student studying Agricultural Business Management with a minor in Botany. A few interesting things about myself include: a recent study abroad experience in Chile during the Winter Term of 2019, as well as, being a brother of the Delta Chi Fraternity here on campus. A random fact about myself is that I was born on my moms birthday!

Jesse Escalona

Hello, my name is Jesse Escalona. I am a first generation student at Oregon State University. I am also majoring in Kinesiology, and I am from Woodburn, OR. Some things I like to do outside of school is: hang-out with my friends, play with my guitar, play soccer, and I also love listening to music. 

Keegan Flug

My name is Keegan Flug, and I am a Chemical Engineer student here at Oregon State University. In the summer I worked for Eugene Parks and Recreations and as an umpire. During the school year I will be your Peer Mentor, I will also be working a lab, and a Peer Mentor for STEM Leaders. My interests include: going hiking, fishing, taekwondo, and cooking.