TRIO SSS offers a variety of workshops, events and student activities each term, that enhance the students' ability towards developing excellent academic and professional skills.

The workshops, events, and activities are coordinated by the TRIO SSS Peer Mentors as well as the Informal Learning Space student staff and are intended to add value to your overall success at Oregon State University. Participation is expected and greatly encouraged. Check the weekly TRIO newsletters for event details and RSVP links. (Click on the events listed below to see the event's full flyer)


FALL 2022 WINTER 2023 SPRING 2023
Coffee and Donut Social - Sept. 29th Snowflake Craft & Donut Social - Jan. 12th Cash Talk Workshop #2 - Apr. 5th
FAFSA Workshop - Oct. 14th Midterm Study Session - Feb. 2nd Pastry & Planting Party - Apr. 11th
Pumpkin Decorating & Pie Night - Oct. 19th Snowshoeing - Feb. 17th Cash Talk Workshop #3 - Apr. 19th
Midterm Study Session - Oct. 20th Physical Therapy Panel - Feb. 23rd Midterm Study Session - Apr. 24th
Fall River Walk - Oct. 28th  National TRIO Day Celebration! Volunteering With MountainStar - Feb. 24th Cash Talk Workshop #4 - May 17th
Game & Craft Night - Nov. 2nd Cash Talk Workshop - Mar. 1st TEDX Event in Portland - May 20th
First Gen Day Business Panel - Nov. 8th Career Development Center Meet & Greet Lunch - Mar. 15th OSU - Cascades Day of Campus Care
Fall Scholarship Workshop - Nov. 8th   2023 End of Year Celebration - June 1st
Honor Roll Celebration - Nov. 18th    
Finals Study Session - Nov. 17th    


FALL 2021 WINTER 2022 SPRING 2022
Midterm Study Session - Oct. 26th Midterm Study Session - Jan. 25th Welcome Back Ice Cream Social - Mar. 31st
Scholarship Workshop - Nov. 3rd River Walk - Feb. 4th Loan Repayment Workshop - Apr. 20th or May 2nd
First Generation Celebration Day - Nov. 8th TRIO Game Night - Feb. 11th TRIO Game Night - May 5th
Final Study Session -  Nov. 16th Honor Roll Celebration - Feb. 17th TRIO Volunteer Day - May 6th
Movie Night - Nov. 19th Winter Term Finals Study Session - Feb. 23rd Stand Up Paddleboarding - May 20th
  National TRIO Day - Feb. 28th Finals Study Session - May 25th
    End of Year Celebration - June 3rd


FALL 2020 WINTER 2021 SPRING 2021
TRIO SSS Welcome Week - Oct. 8th TRIO SSS Welcome Back Social - Jan. 13th Career Prep Workshops - Apr. 8th & 21st
Midterm Study Session - Oct. 22nd Midterm Study Session - Jan. 28th Welcome Back Social - Apr. 14th
Cooking with TRIO - Oct. 29th TRIO Date Night - Feb. 11th Student Loan Repayment Workshop - Apr. 15th
Scholarship Workshop - Nov. 4th TRIO Guest Speaker Kevin Bracy - Feb. 25th Midterm Study Session - Apr. 20th
TRIO SSS Remote Social - Nov. 13th TRIO/CAMP Cooking Night - Feb. 25th OSU Challenge Course - May. 14th
Fall Final Study Session - Nov. 19th TRIO SSS Budgeting Workshop - Mar. 3rd Spring Final Study Session - May. 25th
Covid Conversations - Nov. 23rd Final Study Session - Mar. 4th  
Baking with TRIO - Nov. 25th