Small Fish. Big Questions.

Deidre Hall is one of eight undergraduate students working on The Stickleback Project. Stickleback fish can tell researchers about pollution emerging in area rivers.

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She’s Flying


There was a time when she didn’t think she’d make it through high school. Those days are long gone. Today, Miahna Corella is soaring — with eagles and other birds of prey — at her internship at the High Desert Museum and a part-time job at the Sunriver Nature Center. Like many biology majors at OSU-Cascades, she’s immersed in her field.

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About the Biology Degree

OSU-Cascades offers a bachelor of science degree in biology. Issues and advances in areas such as biotechnology, environmental science, medicine and other fields continually emphasize the importance of biology and biologists in the future of our country and the world. The biology program prepares students for diverse fields through broad, interdisciplinary training in the life sciences. This major is also ideal for students who are looking to continue from undergraduate into professional/medical programs.

Post-baccalaureate students who are interested in biology need to check the Admission Criteria for Post-Bacc Students from OSU's College of Science.

The program also offers a biology minor.


"The science faculty go beyond helping me understand a topic. They ignite this passion for the subject and for learning. It's fantastic."

Emma Coonfield
Biology, '20
Salem, Oregon

Sample Courses


Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology
Disease Ecology
Molecular Medicine
General Biochemistry
Organic Chemistry
General Physics
Aquatic Entomology
Cell and Molecular Biology
Environmental Physiology
Biodiversity: Causes, Consequences, and Conservation
Vertebrate Biology