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Business Administration

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The business administration degree program at OSU-Cascades offers a student-centered learning environment that provides students with the professional preparation necessary for successful careers in the highly competitive global business environment.

This AACSB-accredited program features curriculum designed to provide students with a broad overview of business. Students take multiple upper-division courses in several business disciplines including management and organizational behavior, accounting, finance, marketing, and operations management. The business administration degree program also provides students with an understanding of the entrepreneurial process.

Emphasis throughout the curriculum is placed not only upon the concepts and analytical techniques of business decision-making, but also upon the obligations and opportunities of businesses to be socially responsible.


Program Information

Business administration students can focus their studies by selecting one of the options listed below:

Hospitality Management
The hospitality management option prepares students for the job opportunities of the future in hotel and resort, food and beverage, travel and tourism and other guest services organizations. Students will develop skills in asset management, environmental scanning and competitive strategies, as well as the ability to forecast and adapt to the forces that drive change in the service industry. Graduates from this option will be well-positioned to become an owner and a leader in guest services innovation, technology, automation, operations and management.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) Option equips business majors with essential knowledge and skills to think like an entrepreneur and creative innovator. Students will gain fluency in how to communicate, finance, and market a new idea, product, or initiative. Through an innovative curriculum that includes experiential learning and real-life business projects, students will develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the skills necessary to become a successful leader or change-maker across any type of organization or corporate setting. There is no expectation that students will have their own startup ideas or that students will want to become a business founder; the option is for anyone interested in the I&E space. The I&E option is designed to complement a student’s existing business major and will enable students to contribute to innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems more broadly.

International Business
The international business option provides students with the skills necessary to succeed in our increasingly global economy. This option is designed to equip students with professional ready skills to meet demands of both private and public businesses which find themselves increasingly faced with international, linguistic and cross-cultural challenges. In combining business, marketing, finance, language and international studies with a study abroad opportunity, students will enter the workforce with exposure to, and knowledge of, the international environment. This unique program of study gives students the exciting opportunity to learn about a foreign culture while earning academic credit by participating in our signature exchange program in Bad Mergentheim, Germany.

Degree Requirements

A total of 180 quarter credits are required to graduate, including 60 upper-division credits. Requirements include:

Degree Checklists and Transfer Guides

Business Administration Advising Checklist and Guide (PDF)

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Four-Year Sample Plan

A degree pathway is important to student success. This is a sample plan intended for informational purposes only. Students will work with their OSU academic advisor to create degree plan that works best for each student based around unique interests, goals and transfer work.

Business Administration Four-Year Sample Plan

Using the following course forecast information students will plan ahead and work with their advisor to create and update academic plans.

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Business Administration Courses by Term

As a business administration major, you’ll be prepared to be a versatile problem-solver, decision-maker and leader who can contribute to the success of any organization. You’ll cover a range of business disciplines, including management and organizational behavior, accounting, finance, marketing, operations management and entrepreneurship. And you’ll develop business skills within the context of ethics and social responsibility.

Our business graduates are taught:

An entrepreneurial perspective: Students will identify, assess, and shape entrepreneurial opportunities in a variety of contexts.

  • Recognize entrepreneurial opportunities for new business ventures and evaluate their potential for business success.
  • Understand the implementation issues including financial, legal, operational and administrative procedures involved in starting new business ventures

Professional communication and behavioral skills: Students will demonstrate effective communication and professional behavioral skills in business settings.

  • Communicate effectively and professionally in business situations through physical or virtual presence, writing, speaking, listening, and electronic media.
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead by using team building skills and facilitating collaborative behaviors in the accomplishment of group goals and objectives.
  • Demonstrate good work habits, time management and self-discipline.

An ethical and social responsibility perspective: Students will understand business ethics and issues of social responsibility.

  • Recognize basic concepts and theories related to business ethics and social responsibility.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the ethical behavior appropriate to specific business situations.

Analytical and problem solving skills: Students will demonstrate problem solving skills supported by appropriate analytical and quantitative techniques.

  • Identify and analyze business problems and opportunities and formulate recommendations for courses of action.
  • Use quantitative and qualitative tools and methodologies to support organizational decision making.

A broad knowledge of the functional areas of business and an understanding of the diverse contexts of business.

  • Demonstrate awareness of the global economic, environmental, political, ethical, legal, and regulatory contexts of business practice.
  • Assess how organizations create value in their global supply chains through the integrated production and distribution of goods, services and information.
  • Describe the concept of competitive advantage and how it may be achieved through strategic and tactical methods.
  • Analyze the information content of organizational processes.
  • Define markets and apply marketing concepts and principles using a customer focus to effectively sell products and services.
  • Recognize and appropriately respond to ethical, legal and strategic concerns relating to human resource and organizational management.
  • Apply accounting concepts and methods to interpret financial statements for evaluating the financial position and performance of organizations.
  • Interpret and analyze accounting information for internal control, planning, performance evaluation, and coordination to continuously improve business processes.
  • Make basic investment and financing decisions for a business using financial management concepts, and methods.

Business Minor (32 credits)

With an innovative curriculum taught by dedicated professors, the business minor provides you with a fundamental stepping stone on the road to identifying and commercializing business opportunities in any type of organization.

Business Minor Curriculum Checklist (PDF)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor (27 credits)

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor gives you the skills to recognize and seize market opportunities by providing insights into the creation and commercialization of new ideas.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor Curriculum Checklist (PDF)

Learn more about Business Minors

#1 Entrepreneurial Town

Intern in Bend’s dynamic tech and hospitality companies — and often those internships turn into jobs or create a foundation for launching a new business.


You'll Be In Demand

OSU-Cascades business administration graduates are versatile problem-solvers, decision-makers and leaders who contribute to the success of any organization.


Go Local or Global

With options in international business, hospitality management and general business, you can choose a path that fits you, whether it takes you close to home or to one of 70 countries where we offer study abroad opportunities.

Student Spotlight

Turning a rad idea into reality

As a dock supervisor and fish cutter at a fishing lodge in Alaska, business student Megan Bolt saw the need for better quality fishing gear for women. So, she set out to start her own company. Raddr's mission is to create rad gear for women in the maritime industry, and also recognize the vital role they play in the fishing community. Megan is working on gear design and prototypes, she placed second in the BendTECH Unconference pitch competition, and won the OSU-Cascades Innovation Co Lab PitchFest. Super rad.

Working together

In Management 364, a computer science major, two energy systems engineering majors, and a business administration major came together to plan and execute a group project: building an augmented reality sandbox that projects a topographic map onto the sand in real time. They had their ups and downs, but in the end — they succeeded.

Sample Courses

  • Managing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Impact of Culture on Business
  • Managing Individual and Team Performance
  • Marketing
  • Business Internship
  • Microeconomics
  • Employee Recruitment and Selection
  • Business Law
  • International Business
  • Operations Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Human Resources Management

Course Listing

Where do our graduates work?

  • Callan Accounting Services
  • Capsugel Dosage
  • Cascades Sothebys/Exit Realty/Hayden
  • Central Oregon Council on Aging
  • Economic Development of Central Oregon
  • G5/GL Solutions
  • GSI Water Solutions, Inc.
  • Heart of Oregon Corp
  • HydroFlask
  • Nike
  • Pacific Power Group
  • St. Charles Health System
  • Standard Pacific Homes
  • State Farm/CA Insurance/NY Life
  • Suterra


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