About the Business Administration Degree

The business administration degree program at OSU-Cascades offers a student-centered learning environment that provides students with the professional preparation necessary for successful careers in the highly competitive global business environment.

This AACSB-accredited program features curriculum designed to provide students with a broad overview of business. Students take multiple upper-division courses in several business disciplines including management and organizational behavior, accounting, finance, marketing, and operations management. The business administration degree program also provides students with an understanding of the entrepreneurial process.

Emphasis throughout the curriculum is placed not only upon the concepts and analytical techniques of business decision-making, but also upon the obligations and opportunities of businesses to be socially responsible.


Business Administration students can focus their studies by selecting one of the options listed below.

General Business
All students in the general business option must take 24 credits of upper-division College of Business courses in addition to the undergraduate business core curriculum. A minimum of 12 credits must be from 400-level courses. The general business option allows students to select courses in their areas of interest from multiple 300-400 level disciplines.

Hospitality Management

The hospitality management option prepares students for the job opportunities of the future in hotel and resort, food and beverage, travel and tourism and other guest services organizations. Students will develop skills in asset management, environmental scanning and competitive strategies, as well as the ability to forecast and adapt to the forces that drive change in the service industry. Graduates from this option will be well-positioned to become an owner and a leader in guest services innovation, technology, automation, operations and management.

Available at OSU-Cascades and via Ecampus.

International Business

The international business option within the business administration major provides students with the international skills necessary to succeed in our increasingly global economy. This option is designed to equip students with professional ready skills to meet demands of both private and public businesses which find themselves increasingly faced with international, linguistic and cross-cultural challenges. In combining business, marketing, finance, language and international studies with a study abroad opportunity, students will enter the workforce with exposure to, and knowledge of, the international environment. This unique program of study gives students the exciting opportunity to learn about a foreign culture while earning academic credit by participating in our signature exchange program in Bad Mergentheim, Germany.

Business & Entrepreneurship Minor

With an innovative curriculum taught by dedicated professors, the business and entrepreneurship minor provides students with a fundamental stepping stone on the road to identifying and commercializing business opportunities in any type of organization. Students learn to recognize business opportunities and gain fundamental business skills essential for launching a new venture or idea.

To declare the business & entrepreneurship minor students must complete an online orientation.

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