Local Problems and Global Challenges Need Economists 

This degree gives you the skills and perspectives to improve lives, communities, businesses and nations.    



In businesses and nonprofits throughout Central Oregon.




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An OSU Degree is Worth It

95% of students are employed or in graduate school within 6 months of graduation.

About the Degree

A degree in economics will help you understand how the world works. How resources and wealth flow locally and globally. Why we make the decisions we do with our money. How businesses can predict what will or won’t incentivize a consumer. How critical analysis of historical market trends can improve responses to future economic crises. Why a social justice lens is paramount to improving economic circumstances for populations left behind.

The knowledge and skills you develop will help you improve individuals’ lives, businesses’ economic decisions, and the direction of government institutions.

Undergraduate Degrees 

Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Bachelor of Science in Economics 


General Economics
Law, Economics and Policy
Managerial Economics


A minor in economics can strengthen a major in almost any field, giving a broad background in microeconomics and macroeconomics — valuable knowledge that you can apply to your chosen field.

Select courses in this major are delivered via OSU Ecampus. Oregon State's Ecampus is ranked #5 in the nation for online education by U.S. News & World Report.


What You’ll Learn 

You’ll gain an understanding of economic development, international trade and finance, resource and environmental economics, public economics and the economics of discrimination, managerial economics, industrial organization and productivity analysis. You’ll also learn to approach economic and social issues with theory and evidence, to think critically and analyze problems, and foresee consequences of changes in economic conditions and public policy.


Career Options 

Graduates pursue careers in federal, state and local government and in the banking, consulting, retail and corporate sectors. The degree is also excellent preparation for graduate studies in economics, public policy, law and business.

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The economics degree is supported by the School of Public Policy in the OSU College of Liberal Arts 


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