Internship Program

The Kinesiology Internship Program

Internships are short-term work assignments related to the student's major or career of interest that combine what you learn in the classroom with real life experience from the work place. Internships allow students to try out career options and gain professional experience that will be helpful in finding a full-time position upon graduation or deciding on a path to graduate school.

Course Progression

KIN 307

Pre-Internship Seminar

Explores professions and internship preparation

Pre-req for Internship

1 credit
Offered every term

KIN 410

Internship Experience

In-depth field experience to apply skills and knowledge

3 - 15 credits or 
90 - 450 hours
Offered every term

KIN 410 Process and Timeline

Students are responsible for researching sites that interest you and provide the experience you are seeking. If you need assistance finding an internship site, please set up a meeting with a Career or Peer Advisor.

Step 1

2 Terms in Advance

Step 2

1-2 Terms in Advance

Step 3

1 Term in Advance

  • Email 2-3 Internship Sites; explain interest, attach resume & cover letter
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Write Learning Objectives

Step 4

10-15 Weeks Before Starting Internship

  • Choose your site
  • Start background check, if required

Step 5

5-10 Weeks Before Starting Internship

Step 6

2-5 Weeks Before Starting Internship

  • Finalize schedule with site
  • Review Canvas course
  • Rock your internship!

Internship Site Information for Employers

Interesting in hosting an intern? Find employer information here.


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