The following tool is designed to allow admitted undergraduate freshmen to let us know what their enrollment plans are.  Doing so allows OSU-Cascades to begin planning for new students each term.  You are able to either let us know your tentative plans at this time, or make it official by confirming your enrollment decision and paying the Advance Tuition Deposit (ATD).

Given the unusual circumstances this year, we are providing flexibility on deposits until September 1. We encourage students, even when undecided, to continue through the traditional steps of paying the ATD, signing up for START and signing up for housing.

So, let us know where you stand by choosing your status below. Are you planning to attend OSU?

Please note that confirming your enrollment with a deposit (ATD) is only required for domestic, undergraduate students. Some students may qualify for ATD exemptions. Post-baccalaureate students are not required to submit the ATD. Visit our 'What is the ATD' page!

To confirm your intent to enroll at OSU-Cascades, you must submit the Advance Tuition Deposit (ATD) form along with your $200 deposit payment. This allows us to create your student account and make plans for your arrival. It is not a fee. When you arrive on campus prior to the start of classes, your $200 ATD is applied to your tuition or any account balance you may have.

Instructions To Update Your Intent to Enroll Confirm Your Intent Later

Payment of your ATD is required to participate in a START (new student orientation) program, which allows you to register for classes; For Fall Term 2020, your ATD becomes non-refundable on September 2nd, 2020. For Winter, Spring and Summer Terms, the ATD is refundable until three weeks before the start of the term.

Students admitted to both OSU campuses must declare a campus choice before paying the ATD

We understand if you are unsure about your fall plans at the moment.  To help us better serve you, please click the button below to tell us more about your situation.

Help us by describing why you are uncertain at this time.

We're sorry to hear that, but wish you luck in your future endeavors.  Beaver Nation offers plenty of opportunities for students who don't wish to enroll full time, including dual enrollment partnerships with Oregon's community colleges, online courses to supplement your enrollment at another college, or Summer Session courses to help you catch up or get ahead.

To cancel your admission, please proceed to cancel admission.

New freshmen who are admitted to OSU-Cascades but wish to postpone/defer their enrollment to a future academic year may qualify to do so under OSU's admission deferral policy.

DPP with COCC?

Follow the steps above to pay your Advance Tuition Deposit. Regardless of the number of credits you plan to take with OSU-Cascades, you will go through the START orientation process and meet your OSU-Cascades advisor. Additional virtual sessions will be provided over the summer to get you off to a great START on both campuses.

DPP with another community college in Oregon?

If you plan to enroll in an OSU-Cascades course in a future term, or term other than the one for which you were originally admitted as a DPP student, then you will not pay the ATD. Admitted DPP students who do not intend to take an OSU-Cascades course during the term for which they were initially admitted should not declare their intent to enroll using this page.

At the start of their second term at OSU-Cascades, DPP students who are not ready to take OSU-Cascades courses will complete their "Intent to Enroll" survey. To do so:

1. Log into MyOSU.
2. From the welcome page, click on the Banner Self-Service Folder (lower right side).
3. Click on the Personal Information tab.
4. Click on the Personal Information link.
5. Click on Answer a Survey, and complete the available DPP survey.