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Bridge to Success FAQ and Next Steps

Financial Benefits

How do I accept the financial support offered to me through Bridge to Success?

OSU will send you a financial aid award letter by mail that reflects any support being offered to you. Bridge to Success participants receive financial support in the form of OSU Scholarships and Grants that cover the cost of basic tuition and fees at OSU. You should review your financial aid award letter carefully and accept the award offers online by May 2, 2022. You will receive a separate letter from OSU introducing you to the Bridge to Success program and its benefits.

NOTE: Your financial aid award letter will spell out an estimated cost of attendance that includes any grants or scholarships awarded as part of Bridge to Success. The cost of attendance does not account for savings you may enjoy by choosing economy housing and dining costs.

How do I get the $200 Advance Tuition Deposit (ATD) waived to confirm my OSU enrollment?

Confirm your enrollment in Beaver Basecamp. Once you have been selected as a participant in Bridge to Success, the confirmation form will recognize that you qualify for the waiver and you'll be encouraged to submit the request for waiver.

I want to apply for an on-campus job.  Where do I start?

Through Bridge to Success, OSU guarantees an offer of on-campus student employment for qualified applicants (for a particular job), but you must apply.

  • The Beaver Dam dining venue and Study Grounds coffee shop offers numerous positions.
  • For all campus jobs, visit the student jobs postings here.

Housing and Dining Benefits

I'd like to apply for the more affordable on-campus housing options.  What's my next step?

If you haven't already submitted a housing application, do it right away! You will use your student ID number (93X-XXX-XXX).  When you get to the 'Living Preferences' section, select 'Triple' or 'Double' as your option for the most economical choices.

To select the most economical meal plan options, choose Dining Plan #4.

What if I've already submitted my housing application?

If you need to make changes to your application or need assistance, contact OSU-Cascades Residential Education & Housing.

Academic Benefits

How do I get paired with a faculty mentor?

Participants will be paired with a mentor through OSU-Cascades TRIO. Apply online to join the program.

How do I connect with an academic advisor?

As a Bridge to Success student, you will be connected with advising resources through your academic major during the START orientation program in the summer.

Other Support

How do I get help with career planning?

OSU's Career Services will offer career seminars available to Bridge to Success students during the Fall term.  You will be contacted about these career planning/advising opportunities. 

I’m already a Bridge to Success student (started 2019 or prior).  Do I have access to these resources?

No changes are being made to the benefits available to OSU students who joined the Bridge to Success program prior to Fall 2022.