Duo for Oregon State - Two-Step Login

Duo for Oregon State

Duo is a two-step login to protect your OSU account. Duo is required for confidential financial information. This includes direct deposit information, W-2’s and other forms containing Social Security number.

How do I enable two-step login?
Follow the steps found on the OSU Duo website to set up Duo for Oregon State on your smartphone or tablet.

Please note that when you enable two-step login for your account, it will be required whenever you login using your OSU credentials via SSO. Students, be aware that enabling two-step login may impact your ability to take computer-based tests. Speak with the Service Desk for more information. Canvas currently does not require two-step login.

What if I don’t have a smartphone or tablet?

  • Hardware Token
    You can use a hardware token purchased at the cashier's desk located in Obsidian Hall on the OSU-Cascades campus.
    Once purchased you must add it to your account.


If you have any issues or questions with the two-step login system go to duo.oregonstate.edu or contact the IS Service Desk.