Students admitted for WINTER, SPRING OR SUMMER 2021 should continue using this tool.
FALL 2021 STUDENTS will confirm/update their enrollment status through their admissions portal, Beaver Basecamp.

Confirm Your Enrollment by Paying ATD

The Advanced Tuition Deposit (ATD) is a $200 deposit payment signifying a student’s commitment to OSU-Cascades. The ATD is a deposit, not a fee, which allows OSU-Cascades to plan for our upcoming class. This deposit will be credited toward the student’s first term of enrollment.

OSU-Cascades automatically exempts a number of individuals from paying the $200 Advance Tuition Deposits. In addition to these individuals outlined below, OSU-Cascades is currently allowing any student experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 impacts to request an exemption from paying the deposit. It is more important for us to know who is planning to come to OSU-Cascades at this time than it is to collect a deposit.

The ATD is required in order to move forward with the matriculation process, which includes registering for START orientation and choosing housing options. Your $200 ATD is applied to your tuition or any account balance you may have. The enrollment deposit allows the University to more effectively plan for class offerings and student resources in preparation for the term.

Ecampus students are exempt from paying the $200 ATD. Ecampus students confirm enrollment on this form. Ecampus students participate in online orientation but do not attend START.

The following students are required to pay:

  • Domestic, undergraduate students (first-year and transfer)
  • Degree Partnership Program students (with some exceptions)

The following students not required to pay the ATD:

  • Ecampus students
  • International students
  • Post-Baccalaureate students
  • Graduate students
  • Service members and Veterans
  • Undocumented/DACAmented students

Service members, Veterans, and Veteran Dependents

Oregon State recognizes the members of the U.S. Armed Forces, veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, and ROTC scholarship recipients, by exempting them from paying the ATD. In order to be eligible for the ATD exemption, current military members serving on active duty need to submit a copy their most recent military orders, Enlisted Records Brief (ERB), Officer Records Brief (ORB), or scholarship paperwork. Veterans need to submit a copy of their DD-214. Please email them to, or mail them to:

Office of Admissions
104 Kerr Administration Bldg.
Corvallis, OR 97331

Dependents who are using Veteran benefits for their tuition at OSU can qualify for an ATD exemption by contacting the Office of Admissions at or 541-737-4411


OSU offers ATD exemptions to qualified low-income applicants based on FAFSA results. Students who qualify for these exemptions will be notified of how to confirm their enrollment without paying the ATD. You may also be eligible if any of the following describe you:

  • Have an expected family contribution (EFC) less than $3,000 (as identified on your FAFSA)
  • Have an athletic scholarship of 50% or greater
  • Ecampus students
  • TRIO, SMILE, CAMP, EOP or LSAMP sponsored student
  • OSU Presidential Scholarship recipient
  • Employee of an Oregon public university, or family member of an employee
  • Undocumented students
  • Students experiencing financial hardships due to COVID-19

If you would like to request an exemption and confirm your enrollment, please submit our request form.

For Winter, Spring and Summer Terms, the ATD is refundable until three weeks before the start of the term. Students who have paid their ATD and indicate they wish to defer their start term to a future term by the refund deadline will have their ATD refunded and be asked to provide a new ATD prior to the term they choose to enroll.

1. Go to and login with ONID credentials:

2. Click the "Resources" menu option at the top of the screens box. Then click "Advance Tuition Deposit" choice in the results.

MyOSU Interface
3. Sign and submit your ATD.

4. To confirm your intent to attend Oregon State University, type your name in the signature box and click submit.

5. Submitting your signature will bring you back to the instructions screen. Click the mybill Page button to complete the payment steps.

6. From the main MyBill Student Account summary, select the Deposits tab:

7. Choose Current/ATD term from the select a term drop down menu and click Select:

8. Choose Advance Tuition Deposit from the select a deposit drop down menu and click Select:

9. A summary will appear. Click Continue:

Paying ATD with eCheck

There are two options for paying your ATD on this screen: with an Electronic Check or using a Credit Card. Select Electronic Check. Click Select.

Enter the account type, routing number, bank account number, confirm the bank account number, and the name on the account:

You may choose to save this account information for future use by checking the save payment method box and entering an account name. This is not required. Click Continue.

Confirm that the account information is correct. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions. Click Submit Payment.

Paying ATD with Credit Card

Select the 'Credit Card via PayPath' option from the method drop-down selection. Click Continue.

Verify that the transaction details are correct. If they are, click Continue to PayPath.

This will open up a new window greeting you to the PayPath Payment Service. After checking the information is correct, click Continue.

Next, it'll show the deposit amount that you'll be paying. Ensure the amount is correct before clicking Continue.

Input your credit card information, verify everything is correct, and click Continue.

At this point, verify your information once more and Submit.

Print or save the receipt for your records. You will also receive an email from confirming submission of your Advance Tuition Deposit payment.

You've paid for your ATD, now what? Click on this button below in order to go through the next steps of being part of the Beaver Nation.

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