Learning Innovation Grants 2004-2005

This was the second year for Learning Innovation Grants at OSU-Cascades and two projects were submitted and funded for a total of $70,775.

Project Title Student A/V Research Lab
Unit OSU-Cascades / Student Research
Responsible Personnel Amy Hammond, Marilyn MacGregor, Kathy Biles, Debbie Coehlo, Kreg Lindberg
LIG Funding $20,925
Summary Description This project will provide the media and computer equipment to create opportunities for student projects and research across the disciplines to create and watch video for class research projects which would benefit from facilities offering one-on-one and small group space with digital video and computer capability. In addition, there will be portable camera equipment to facilitate field work and off-site projects.

Project Title Student Computing Facilities
Unit OSU-Cascades / Student Computing
Responsible Personnel Sandie Franklin
LIG Funding $49,850
Summary Description The Student Computing Facilities provide undergraduate and graduate students access to a computer lab. The SCF also provides technical and administrative support for two computer classrooms which are available for any OSU-Cascades partner to schedule for classes. This proposal requests funding to support the operation of the computer lab in Cascades Hall which supports all OSU-Cascades partner students.