Procurement Card, Personal Reimbursements and Travel

University Credit Cards

University Credit Cards Policy

To request your own University Credit Card, please submit your request through Concur. Please refer to the Travel and Expense Office website for resources.

Personal Reimbursements

  • File your Personal Reimbursement through Concur, found through your employee MyOregonstate portal.
  • Please do not purchase personal items on the same receipt as business items.
  • Receipts need to show “Paid,” or zero balance due.
  • Need who, what, when, where and why for ALL travel and personal reimbursements. Please include all backup documentation – agenda for conference/meeting, flyer for event, list of attendees if for a meeting where meals were provided.
  • You can include multiple receipts on one personal reimbursement.
  • Please do not use personal credit cards when you can use a university credit card. If you pay for a conference registration fee or other travel expenses with personal funds, it cannot be reimbursed until after the event has passed.
  • If a canceled check is used as proof of payment, the claimant will need materials showing the amount and copies of both sides of the canceled check.
  • Turn in with 60 days of oldest receipt or return from trip.


See the Travel & Expense site for up-to-date information. All pre-travel requests and travel reimbursements must be done through the OSU Concur System.

Teacher and Counselor Education Supervision Travel

Step 1: Complete travel claim at the end of every month.

Step 2: Submit travel claim through Concur.