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Business Office Quick Guide

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Concur Review & Approval Guidance

Download this PDF for a quick reference guide when reviewing and approving expense reports in Concur.

Important Notices

  • Our fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30. Email notifications will be sent out as deadlines related to year-end approach.
  • All reimbursements, including travel, must be submitted in Concur within 60 days of oldest receipt, or within 60 days of date of return.
    • OSU follows accountable plan rules under IRS regulations. An accountable plan allows organizations to reimburse workers for business expenses without treating those reimbursements as taxable income to the employee. IRS regulations [IRS Reg 1.62-2(g)(2)(i)] require that an employee file reimbursement requests within a reasonable period of time to avoid the reimbursement being subject to withholding taxes and W-2 reporting. In alignment with guidance provided by the IRS, OSU policy defines a reasonable period of time as 60 days from the purchase date or from the date of return from travel.    

      Because there are administrative costs associated with reporting taxable income to the employee, OSU may also deny reimbursement to employees who regularly turn in reimbursements past the 60-day window.  

  • Sign up for direct deposit for personal and travel reimbursements and payroll.
  • Refreshments/meals at unit functions should meet the following policy.
  • Please note the following items are not reimbursable: gift cards, candy, chocolate, flowers, alcohol, and gifts (not including marketing/branding items). See Miscellaneous Expenses fiscal policy for more information. If you need to purchase gift cards for incentives, please contact the Business Office. There are special restrictions.

What Direct Bill Catering Options Do We Have in Bend?

**When ordering catering please provide the vendor with your name, phone number and index code associated with the order. 

  • Longboard Louie's (Eastside) (delivers)
  • Blue Bite Catering (delivers)
  • Tres Hermanos (delivers)
  • Jersey Mike's (needs to be picked up)

OSU Fee Book

Course fees and internal/external fees must be in the OSU Fee Book. If you need a fee set up, please coordinate with Kira Lueck.

Can I Use OSU Pricing for Personal Use?

Please see Employee Ethical Conduct Policy.

How Do I Order Business Cards and A Nametag?

Go here.

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