Learning Innovation Grants 2013-2014

During the proposal period, five proposals were funded as outlined below for a total of $162,820.

Project Title Supporting 21st Century Teachers at OSU-Cascades
Unit OSU-Cascades/ Teacher Education - College of Education
Responsible Personnel OSU-Cascades Teacher Education Faculty
LIG Funding $24,075
Summary Description This project purchases instructional technology to meet new licensure and accreditation requirements, facilitates student knowledge and use of the educational technology central to today's 21st century learners, and develops video case studies for analysis during courses.

Project Title Digital Arts and Design
Unit OSU-Cascades / Fine Arts Program
Responsible Personnel Sandy Brooke & Henry Sayre
LIG Funding $5,645
Summary Description This proposal requests equipment be purchased in support of Digital Photography, Digital Color and Theory classes that are computer-based programs in the Fine Arts program at OSU-Cascades.                    

Project Title Advanced Digital Technologies for Undergraduate Science Laboratories
Unit OSU-Cascades/ Biology & Chemistry
Responsible Personnel Patrick Ball & Jeff Gautschi
LIG Funding $75,000
Summary Description This project will purchase, install, and utilize advanced digital technologies in biology and chemistry teaching laboratories at OSU-Cascades in the form of mobile and handheld devices, digital style notebooks, and instrumentation controlled technologies.

Project Title Accessible Student Workstation for OSU-Cascades Enrollment Services
Unit OSU-Cascades/ Enrollment Services
Responsible Personnel Marty Beidler & Sandie Franklin
LIG Funding $6,100
Summary Description Provide a workstation in the main reception area that is accessible to students and guests with disabilities.                                                                         

Project Title Upgrade Video Conference Equipment
Unit  OSU-Cascades/ Classrooms
Responsible Personnel Sandie Franklin
LIG Funding $52,000
Summary Description Upgrade the equipment in Cascades Hall room 107 to provide better quality, resolution, and reliability for courses taught at a distance.