Professional Development Funds

Tenure Track and Tenured Faculty       $2000
Non-tenure Track Professorial Faculty       $1800
Director Level Professional Faculty $1500
Professional Faculty       Training as approved with supervisor
Classified Status Training as approved with supervisor

1.  If you have startup funds as part of your hiring package, you are not eligible for these professional development funds.
2.  If you are part-time or not here part of the year (e.g., sabbatical or leave), your amount is pro-rated.
3.  Please work with the Business Office before spending if you are uncertain whether an expense is reimbursable.  
4.  Term-to-term (part-time) faculty do not receive professional development funds.  You cannot transfer your funds to term-to-term faculty.  
5.  Submit final expenses by June 15 since all expenses must be processed by July 1. If you have a situation that doesn’t fit this deadline, work with the Business Office before June 15. 

In-State Travel Funds

Full-time faculty (all titles)         $600*
Half-time faculty      $400

These funds are to be used to attend meetings or conferences within the state that cannot be conducted using our technology. Your funds can also be used to fund Corvallis OSU faculty/administration that request/require reimbursement for their travel to meet with you at Cascades (let the Business Office know when this is the case or we could assume a mis-indexing by your college).

*If this amount doesn’t work for you because of your responsibilities and using two-way video isn’t an option, please develop a forecast of what will work and include it in the budgeting process.