Get ready for your interview

Whether you have a phone, in-person or virtual interview coming up, it’s time to get ready. Research the organization so you can communicate your connection to their mission and day-to-day work. Practice interview questions. Learn how to make a positive impression on an employer. Whatever you need to do to prepare, these tools can get you started.

Practice makes perfect

StandOut is a free video interviewing tool to help you ace your next interview. You can mix and match questions to create your own practice interview, find questions at all difficulty levels to test your skills, and view data on your performance. Simply log in with your ONID credentials to get started.

Not sure where to begin?  Check out our guide on how to record practice interviews and share them with faculty and mentors for feedback!


Additional Resources

In addition to StandOut, we've also curated a list of other interview preparation tools that you may find helpful.


Assessment Day

Free Interview Preparation

Technical Interviews

Coding Interview University


Interview Cake

Interview Warmup



Transitioning Military


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