Ceremony Instructions for Graduates

New this year! Clear Bag Policy

OSU-Cascades has a Clear Bag Policy. All graduates and guests attending the 2024 Commencement ceremony must follow this policy. Thank you for planning ahead.

Please review closely prior to your arrival for the ceremony.

Check-In, Line-Up and Processional

8:30 - 9:30 a.m. - Check-in at Bruckner Courtyard (green space between Tykeson and Obsidian Halls, near Bend Science Station). Have your regalia on or with you. You will be given a card with your line location. Hold on to this card — it also provides your program information and name for the person who will read it from the stage. After check-in, you may meet friends and family, take photos, etc.

9:30 a.m. - Return to Bruckner Courtyard. Be fully dressed in your regalia. Follow the sign for your academic program and use your check-in card to find your place in line. Family and friends should make their way to the Oval Green to be seated in time for the ceremony.

9:35 a.m. - Faculty who will read graduates' names from the stage will check the line order.

9:50 a.m. Sharp - Processional to the ceremony venue launches. A honor guard will lead two lines of dignitaries, faculty and then graduates toward the Oval Green. At a designated point, dignitaries and faculty will line either side of the walkway to begin the Honor Walk tradition. Graduates will proceed between the two lines of dignitaries and faculty, and continue to the seating area. Ushers will guide you to your seats. Remember to keep your check-in card handy for assistance. As you are being seated, dignitaries and faculty will proceed to the stage.

Post Ceremony - Your diploma will be given to you at a post-ceremony event. Not all students will recieve a diploma.

Important: There is no secure place to leave personal items at Check-In area. You will need to either carry items with you to the ceremony or give them to family before graduates line up.

Pronunciation and Name Announcement

We want to pronounce your name correctly from the stage. If you think your name might be challenging, ask a staff person at Check-In to direct you to the reader for your program/major. Be sure to return to the proper college/major line.


Tassels go on your right side. You will flip them to the left all at once as a Class after the awarding of degrees.

Conferring of Degrees 

At the Commencement ceremony, degrees are conferred by OSU-Cascades Chancellor and Dean Sherman Bloomer to doctoral students, graduate students, then to undergraduate students. During the ceremony, each group of graduates will be asked to stand separately:

  • Please remain standing. Ushers will escort you from the seating area to the right hand side of the stage to form a line to the right of the seating area. Watch for usher instructions and do not block the front of the stage.
  • When signaled to do so by an usher, walk across the stage to Dr. Bloomer. He will present your diploma case and shake hands.
  • Continue across the stage and exit by the steps or ramp at the far left of the stage. Ushers will be on hand to guide you.
  • A GradImages photographer will be positioned at the bottom of the stairs to take your photograph.
  • Return to your seat after your photo is taken.

Recessional and Diploma Pick-Up

At the end of the ceremony, dignitaries will leave the stage, followed by faculty. Watch for ushers to release each row of graduates. Please keep moving out of the seating area so graduates behind can exit the row.

Assistance for Students/Guests with Disabilities or Medical Needs

Accommodation requests related to a disability may be made to Enrollment Services at 541-322-3100 by June 3, 2024.

Alcoholic Beverages

All graduates are asked to refrain from the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages before and during the line-up, processional, ceremony, recessional and diploma pick-up. Visibly intoxicated students will not be allowed to participate.

Rain or Shine

The commencement ceremony will take place rain or shine. If rain is forecast, be prepared with rain gear or a rain poncho. Umbrellas can be used until the ceremony starts. They will need to be closed and down during the ceremony so graduates and guests behind you can see. There is no shade in the main seating area. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen and water if forecasts calls for clear skies.

No Longer Planning to Attend?

If you receive a confirmation email to your ONID email address by June 9, we are planning on your attendance. If your plans change, notify Enrollment Services at 541-322-3100 no later than 5 p.m. on June 12.

Please remember to check your student account for holds.