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Our all-natural burger patties are made from 100% grass-fed Northwest beef. The cows are never given antibiotics and are treated to some of the highest standards in the industry throughout their lives. Our Coleman chicken breasts are also a "never-ever" product which means they are never given antibiotics. Our sandwiches are custom made and served on either our in-house made bun, sliced sourdough, sliced wheat or one of our gluten friendly options.


Dam Combo: Add fries and drink to your order for $3

“Never-Ever” 100% Grass Fed Oregon Beef Patty $6.25
Veggie Burger $6.25
“Never-Ever” Grilled Chicken Breast* $6.25
Crispy Chicken Sando* $6.25
Crispy Chicken Slabs (2)* $6.75
BLT $6.25
Grilled Cheesewich on Sourdough or Wheat (2 slices of cheddar) $3.75
A Little Extra  
Cheese (Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Swiss) $.75
Fries (Regular or Sweet)* $2.50
Tater Tots* $2.50
Onion Rings $3
Beer Battered Mozzy Sticks (5) w/ House Red Sauce $6.75

*Cajun option available