How to Pay

Dining Plans

Dining Plans for Residence Hall Students

Students living with us can choose from one of four dining plans for a variety of needs and budgets. Residents can spend their dining dollars at any of the Beaver Dam Cafe and Coffee Bar.

How it works

  • Dining Dollars are added to your OSU-Cascades ID Card at the beginning of each term. Present your OSU-Cascades ID card to the cashier to pay for your food. It's like using a debit card.
  • Dining Dollars are flexible, allowing you to pay for what you choose to eat, when you choose to eat it.
  • Go here for dining plans.

The Beaver Dam.

Dining Plan Changes

  • Allowed within the first three weeks of each academic term.
  • After the third week of the academic term students can adjust to a larger dining plan only, not to a smaller plan.
  • To make a change: email with details on what plan you'd like to change to

  • If you are returning to live on campus for the following year, you can use the Rollover Dining Plan in all OSU-Cascades restaurants at a continued 10% discount. If you are planning to live off campus, your dining plan dollars will be available at a 10% discount for purchases

  • Dining plan dollars for OSU-Cascades students can not be used in UHDS/Corvallis facilities and visa versa

  • Please email with any questions

Rollover Dining Plan

Rollover Dining Plan funds will be automatically rolled over on your OSU-Cascades ID card for the following year, with a few limitations listed below:

  • The Rollover Dining Plan funds must be used within one year; any unused Rollover funds will expire at the end of Spring Term the following year.
  • If you leave OSU-Cascades (via graduation or other departure) while you still have a Rollover Dining Plan balance, you will not be able to use the Rollover Dining Plan funds unless you then return to OSU-Cascades within that same one year period.

Orange Cash

Enjoy the convenience and savings

Students, faculty and staff can load money into an Orange Cash account and then use their OSU-Cascades ID card to pay for purchases in the campus dining facility. The dining center offers an automatic 10% Orange Rewards discount when you use your Orange Cash funds. On-campus residents get the same discount with their dining plan.

Buy-in or reload Orange Cash

Accounts allow

  • Convenience of using your OSU-Cascades ID. No more need for a bank card or cash.
  • Greater flexibility and convenient locations of discounted food options at OSU-Cascades and OSU Corvallis.
  • Ability to track dollar balances using the MyCard website.
  • Convenience of adding additional spendable dollars to your Orange Cash account online via the MyCard website using applicable credit or debit card. (Can make additional deposits between $25 and $500 per transaction).
  • Continued membership. Orange Cash carries over from term to term and year to year as long as you are affiliated with Oregon State University. (When leaving the university, any remaining balance can be refunded minus a nominal administrative fee.)

Group Payments

Explore the convenience and flexibility of our group payment methods, designed specifically for events and daily use at OSU-Cascades. We offer customizable options such as Dining Cards, Bend Beavs Bucks, and Vouchers, usable at the Beaver Dam and Study Grounds. These payment solutions are available in various denominations and are tailored to both internal and external users.

For questions regarding Group Payments please email

Dining Cards

For events, Dining Cards are issued with a limited usage timeframe, typically around a few days to a maximum of 30 days from activation. When ordering these cards, departments must provide the index/activity code, number of cards, dollar amount per card, and both the open and close dates.

Bend Beavs Bucks

Internal Use: Choose from denominations of $5, $10, or $25, applicable to any products at our dining venues. These cards, taxable as income if issued to an employee or student employee, do not expire. Departments are billed upfront for the total amount requested, irrespective of actual usage. Essential details needed by the business office include the index/activity code, number of cards, dollar amount per card, and the recipient’s name and OSU ID number.

External Use: External customers can purchase cards in denominations of $5, $10, or $25 through the Cashier’s office, using credit card, check, or cash. These non-taxable cards do not have an expiration date, ensuring long-term value.

Dining Vouchers

Take advantage of a special $5 discount on purchases of $10 or more. These promotions are not taxed to the recipient, do not expire, and require upfront payment by the department based on the total request.