Energy Systems Lab

Our Mission

World-class energy conversion exploration is conducted at the OSU-Cascades Energy Systems Laboratory (ESL), an entity which also serves as an academic training ground for leaders in engineering and research. The areas of interest include advanced internal combustion engines, unconventional fuels, control systems, and sensor development. The ESL team is made up of ethical energy researchers whose reputation for hard work, character and integrity breeds confidence in the research community.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The Energy Systems Lab's UAV team of Chris Hagen, Sean Brown, Agustinus Lawandy, Gertrude Villaverde and Jonathon Young, in collaboration with Tom Herron of Flagline Consulting and Matt Smith of Hatch Product Development, is investigating vertical take-off and landing with hybrid powertrain.

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The Energy Systems Lab Research Team

Back Row: Zoe Lavrich, Zac Taie, Jonathon Young, Dave Wagner, and Kevin Miller.
Front Row: Gertrude Villaverde, Agustinus Lawandy, Chris Hagen, Sean Brown, and Khang Tran.