Access Policy

Facility Access Control Policy


OSU–Cascades’ Facility Access Control Policy is intended to foster a secure campus environment and to ensure there is a comprehensive and efficient system to manage the distribution of keys and access credentials to meet the needs of the university. Facility access serves a number of functions, including providing security of sensitive research, records, and facilities; the safety of students, employees, and visitors to the campus; and for loss prevention.

This policy describes the procedures by which keys for university facilities are controlled, distributed, stored, used, and reproduced.

OSU-Cascades Facilities Services is responsible for maintaining the university’s key control system and the distribution of keys. University keys are the property of OSU-Cascades, and may be recovered at any time. Unauthorized fabrication, duplication, possession, alteration, or unauthorized use of keys is a violation of this policy. Employees found in violation of the policy may be subject to disciplinary action, as deemed appropriate by the Office of Human Resources. Non-employees, contractors, etc., found in possession of unauthorized university keys will have their keys confiscated and the individual or company may be excluded from campus.

General Procedures

With the exception of residence halls, most campus buildings and facilities are accessible to members of the campus community, guests, and visitors during scheduled hours of operation, during designated hours on weekends and holidays, and for special events. Persons requiring access to buildings outside scheduled operating hours must request access.

Access to OSU-Cascades’ facilities is provided by physical key or electronically by use of a chip-enabled identification (“ID”) card. In most cases, necessary access will be provided by chip-enabled ID card. In general, physical keys are required for the following locations:

  • Storage closets & janitorial closets
  • Private offices
  • Doors where electronic access is not achievable
  • Graduate & Research Center (“GRC”)
  • Leased buildings
  • Boiler and electrical rooms

Generally, access to the following doors will be provided through electronic means. All doors are equipped to accept master keys as an override:

  • Exterior doors
  • Office groups/shared office spaces
  • Classrooms & labs
  • IDF/MDF rooms
  • Chemical storage
  • Residential units

In order to request access for a new employee or contractor, or to modify an existing access level, complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Work Request form.
  2. If you require electronic access (as described above), please first obtain an ID card from OSU-Cascades ID Center. Government-issued photo ID is required in order to obtain an OSU-Cascades ID card.
  3. Employees (including student employees) shall submit the Access Request to his or her supervisor for review and approval; Contractors shall submit the form to their OSU-Cascades contract manager for review and approval.
  4. Supervisors and contract managers shall submit the form to Facilities Services at: Please allow 5 business days for processing.
  5. Once the Access Request has been reviewed and approved by Facilities Services, an email will be sent to the employee/contractor and the supervisor/contract manager.
  6. If a physical key is to be issued, the key will be delivered to the employee’s secure mailbox, or will be hand-delivered in cases where an employee is not assigned a secure mailbox. Contractors may collect the key from the OSU-Cascades ID Center during business hours.

Upon the end of employment, conclusion of a contract, or change in access needs, employees and contractors must immediately surrender keys and ID cards to OSU-Cascades. Keys and ID Cards shall be delivered to the OSU-Cascades ID Center. OSU-Cascades will collaborate with Human Resources and Procurements and Contract Services to ensure keys and ID cards are returned prior to issuance of final payment.

Access Eligibility Criteria

Master Keys

Distribution of, and access to, campus master and building master keys is highly restricted. All requests for master keys will be reviewed jointly by Facilities Services and Campus Safety, to ensure proper security protocols are followed.

Only individuals in the following positions may have access to the campus master key:

  • Campus Safety employees
  • Facilities employees
  • Information Technology employees
  • Local Police (via Knox Box)
  • Local Fire Department (via Knox Box)

Individuals in the following positions may have access to Building Master keys. If an employee outside these roles requires a building master, a request for access may be submitted to Facilities Services for review:

  • Enrollment Services staff
  • Receptionists
  • Supervisory employees
  • Janitorial employees
  • Maintenance employees
  • Contractors performing work in the building.

At no time shall any employee or contractor take a Campus Master or Building Master key off campus, outside of work responsibilities.

All other Campus Master and Building Master keys must be signed-in and secured in the designated locking key box when not in use. An employee is assigned to each key box and is responsible for ensuring all keys are accounted for and secure at the end of each day/shift.

Change Keys

Change keys are issued for private offices and other locations where it is impractical to provide electronic access control. Change keys will be issued to faculty and staff assigned a private office. Only one change key, per person, per space, will be issued; duplicates will not be provided.

Work Group Keys

Work group keys are assigned where it is impractical to install electronic access, but where access to multiple doors is necessary. Examples include:

  • Dining facilities
  • Associated Students of Cascades Campus
  • Learning Commons
  • Disability Access Services (DAS) Testing Center

Storage Keys

Storage keys generally provide access to storage closets and janitorial rooms. Where a storage room has been assigned to a specific department of the university, keys will be issued to that department as requested.

In each building, a storage key will be provided to the appropriate reception desk or building manager to enable access to storage closets and janitorial supplies. An employee is assigned to each storage key, and is responsible for ensuring all keys are accounted for and secure at the end of each day/shift. Storage keys shall not be taken off campus.

Residence Hall Units

Residence Hall units are controlled by electronic access. Access will be assigned by Housing and Dining Services prior to the arrival of residents on campus, and immediately upon any room assignment change.

Room entry and search may be necessary, and the university may exercise its contractual right to do so under certain circumstances. The university recognizes and respects students’ desire for privacy, especially within the context of a group living environment. In its efforts to protect privacy, the university has defined and restricted the conditions under which authorized university personnel may enter or search a student room.

The following procedures have been developed as a guide for university staff to allow for the performance of duties and in order to maintain certain standards, while giving due recognition to the rights of privacy. The university reserves the right to enter rooms for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Provision of maintenance and housekeeping services
  • Preparation of space for a new resident
  • Inspection of room conditions upon vacancy of a resident, during break periods, or for sanitation, security, or safety reasons
  • Elimination of nuisances
  • When reasonable cause exists to indicate a violation of established conduct or health and safety standards

The university performs health and safety inspections at the end of each term and during academic breaks. During health and safety inspections, contraband items (such as drug paraphernalia, alcohol, and other prohibited items) may be confiscated and reports may be made to university Campus Safety or local law enforcement. Waste may be removed (with labor and disposal costs charged to the student), room/bathroom cleaning may be completed with appropriate charges to the students assigned to the room/suite, and policy violations that are noted during inspections may result in referral for conduct action. Combination lock cubbies and lockers may be checked during health and safety checks or if staff becomes aware of a cleanliness issue or policy violation.  

The following university and university-affiliated personnel are authorized to enter residents’ rooms under the procedure described below:

  • Resident Directors or Campus Safety personnel, and full-time professional staff members of the university, including Facilities Services personnel;
  • Senior Resident Assistants, Resident Assistants, service center staff, and other residence staff;
  • Employees of the university’s Department of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health;
  • University and non-university personnel contracted to perform maintenance and repair or provide other services on behalf of the university;
  • Other members of the university staff and/or civil authorities may enter student rooms under the conditions described below only when accompanied by a member of the professional or residential staff. In an emergency situation, fire/emergency personnel may enter a room unaccompanied.

Room Entry Procedure:

  1. Except in an emergency, no room shall be entered without knocking. Entry following the knock shall be preceded by a time lapse of sufficient duration to provide occupants with ample opportunity to open the door. (Announce: “OSU Facilities/Campus Safety/Housing”
  2. When it is necessary for authorized university personnel to enter a room there shall be, whenever possible, two authorized staff members present. If it is necessary, under the conditions outlined, for authorized university personnel to enter a room when an occupant(s) is not present, the resident(s) will be notified of the entry and the reason for the entry upon returning to the room. This provision does not apply to housekeeping and maintenance personnel performing routine or requested duties, or to staff conducting a health and safety check. Health and safety checks traditionally take place at the end of each term during which time staff may check rooms to evaluate cleanliness and safety issues.
  3. University staff may remove an item of personal property from a resident’s room without prior consultation with the owner when the item, in the judgment of the staff member, represents an imminent hazard to persons or property. University staff is authorized to remove from a resident’s room clearly identifiable university property not provided as part of the room furnishings. If an item is removed under the above conditions, the resident will be notified promptly of the removal, and a notice left regarding the removed item. If the removed item may be legally possessed by the resident, but it is in violation of this Policy Guide or Oregon State University standards, it may be claimed by the resident but not retained in the building. If illegal or prohibited goods are found and confiscated during the authorized room inspection, the resident may be subject to criminal prosecution and/or disciplinary action.
  4. Entry of student rooms will be done only as necessary. Attempts to notify the occupant(s) in advance will always be made unless there is a critical situation which precludes notification.
  5. Entry of student rooms by university staff shall only be permitted, except in the case of an emergency, with prior consultation with the Director of Residential Education or designee. In these instances, room entry will be conducted by no less than two authorized University staff members.
  6. OSU-Cascades is opposed to general room searches; that is, the search of a number of rooms in a given area in the absence of cause to search a specific room. General room searches, except in the case of emergency, will be permitted only after authorization by the Director of Residential Education or designee.
  7. State and federal law governs the entry into a resident’s room by law enforcement officers. Situations which may permit such entry include, but are not limited to, officers in possession of a valid search/arrest warrant, health/safety emergency, or certain circumstances where search warrants are not required by law. Entry under such circumstances may be facilitated by university staff.
  8. Residents may make requests to hall staff to be present at the time of their room being checked during break periods.


OSU-Cascades employs a variety of contractors, in a variety of roles. The nature of some of these roles will require access to OSU-Cascades’ facilities outside of normal operating hours on a regular basis, or in the case of emergency.

In most cases, Campus Safety will be available outside operating hours to provide facility access to contractors. The Facilities Services Department will provide university Campus Safety with a list of contractors authorized to receive designated keys and access cards. Contractors authorized to receive keys must show photo identification and must sign out and return keys to university Campus Safety.

The Facilities Services Department and Campus Safety will jointly review all requests for access to be granted to contractors. In the event a contractor requests access outside normal operating hours, where a physical key or ID card must be taken off campus and out of the care of OSU-Cascades staff, discretion will be exercised and the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • The contract manager must provide a written summary as to why the contractor requires dedicated keys or electronic access credentials (ID Cards)
  • A copy of the contract must be submitted and held on file. The contract must include provision for lost keys; the contractor will be held responsible for all costs associated with rekeying, and production and distribution of new keys.
  • Criminal history checks will be required of all contracted employees who will be performing work on Campus
  • Periodic audits of keys and electronic access credentials will be performed

Lost Keys and ID Cards

All persons issued OSU-Cascades keys or ID Card shall, at all times be held responsible and accountable for assigned keys and ID Cards, and shall not transfer or loan keys or ID Cards to another individual. Lost or stolen keys and ID Cards must be reported immediately to the Campus Safety.

The Campus Safety Department will generate an Incident Report to document the circumstances of the loss. Campus Safety and Facilities Services Department will make a determination if lock cores have been compromised and must be replaced.

New ID Cards can be immediately acquired from the ID Center. Fees for replacement ID Cards may apply. Access permissions will need to be assigned to the new ID Card; this may take two full business days.

Replacement keys must be requested using the Work Request Form.

Periodic audits of issued keys will be performed to ensure policy compliance.


If a key becomes broken, lodged in a lock, or for some other reason will not operate, contact university Campus Safety. A replacement key will be issued at no cost, unless it is determined the key was intentionally tampered with or otherwise modified. If an ID Card fails to operate properly, contact the ID Center, or university Campus Safety (outside operating hours). If the ID Card is undamaged on the surface, a replacement may be issued at no cost.

Expectations of Key and Card-Holders

Upon entering or exiting a facility outside normal operating hours, it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure the door is properly locked and secured.  If a lock has malfunctioned, it is the responsibility of the individual to await the arrival of Campus Safety personnel, provided the situation is safe.

Key/Access Card holders shall not unlock buildings or rooms for others unless the individual has a valid, verifiable reason to gain access, and has proper identification for access, or is known by the employee to have legitimate need for access to the room or building. Individuals shall report suspicious persons, activity, or evidence of tampering, to Campus Safety immediately.

System Standards and Records

OSU-Cascades’ access control systems and standards, are the responsibility of the Facilities Services Department with support from Campus Safety, Information Technology, and other stakeholders as required. The access control systems and standards include, but are not limited to: keying standards, mechanical lock hardware, electronic lock hardware, and biometrics. Facilities Services is responsible for maintaining access records, key and access assignments, and historical records of check-out logs. Facilities Services is responsible for performing regular audits of keys and access credentials.