Laboratory Access

Laboratory Access and HASA Form Flow Chart

Please follow the HASA Form Flow Chart before requesting access and/or performing any experimental procedures.


  1. Fill out the Qualtrics form.
  2. Click the link to the PDF “training checklist” form that corresponds to the lab you would like to access.
  3. Complete all trainings listed as required for your lab.
  4. Save screenshots of training acknowledgements and quiz scores for all trainings and email them to
    NOTE: Trainings without the accompanying proof of completion will not be accepted!
  5. Once all trainings have been completed fill out the “training checklist” appropriately and print it off.
  6. Give the printed training checklist form to the Science Lab Preparator in Tykeson Hall 314.

Training Checklist

Tykeson 304/306 (PDF)

Tykeson 308 (PDF)

Training Links

Laboratory Safety Contract and Access Contact Information

Laboratory Safety Contract

For questions: