Instructions for Residents

Mail & Package Services

Information for Residence Hall Students

OSU-Cascades students who live in the Residence Hall may receive mail and packages at the Mail & ID Center. 

Letter Mail

Each resident student will be assigned a mailbox. The mailbox number and corresponding combination can be found in the MyHousing portal. Students must check their own mailboxes and will not receive delivery notifications for letter mail. Your incoming mail does not have to mention your mailbox number. 

Package Pick-Up

Resident students will receive an OSU email alert when a package delivery is received. Text alerts are also available and can be requested in person at the Mail & ID Center. Package deliveries can only be claimed during our open hours. 

US Postal Service Outgoing Letter Mail

A letter drop slot for pre-postmarked USPS mail is located in the Mail & ID Center lobby. Correct postage is required. The Mail & ID Center does not provide stamps or shipping supplies to students.

Incoming/Return Address Format

Please use the following format:

Resident Student Full Name
1500 SW Chandler Avenue
Bend OR 97702

Resident students do not need to list their mailbox or room number in the address format.