Sport clubs are different from regular clubs in several aspects. Most of these clubs have competitive branches, such as our cycling club, and others are entirely focused on competition such as our Rock-Climbing Sports Club. As representatives of OSU-Cascades, sport clubs are subject to a different set of rules and policies but also have some privileges and advantages to thrive in the competitive sports world. 

The main differences are:

  • Sport clubs have a minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 2.0. However, sport clubs can set a higher GPA requirement.
  • Sport clubs can set a maximum number of competing members.
  • Sport clubs are allowed to set requirements for their members e.g. attending a minimum number of practices.
  • Sport clubs can request team study halls.
  • Budget wise, sport clubs often request additional funding for team travel and sport related expenses.
  • Sport clubs are able to fundraise.
  • Team captains must attend mandatory club sports meetings and trainings.
  • Sport clubs are part of the athletic department of OSU-Cascades and therefore are considered representatives of OSU-Cascades. This means they are allowed to use university branding and university vehicles, but they must also adhere to the Student Code of Conduct at all times.