Rock Climbing Sport Club

Our purpose is to create a team that helps students take their rock climbing skills to the next level and provide them with competition experience. The mission of the Rock Climbing Sport Club is to teach others how to train properly, push team members to improve their climbing ability, and represent OSU-Cascades at rock climbing competitions. Our team has been competing in the Northwest Collegiate Climbing Circuit (NC3). These competitions occur during winter and spring, and our pre-season takes place during fall.

Student Contact: Gabe Mcfarlane
Advisor: Andrew Hawley

"Student Climbers Ascend New Heights," by The Source Weekly
Started by students, the OSU-Cascades climbing club has exploded in size, taking many podium spots in competitions.

Cycling Sport Club

The purpose of the Cycling Sport Club is to provide students a means with which to participate, train and/or compete in road biking, mountain biking, and cyclocross within the growing sport of collegiate cycling. Furthermore, we wish to stimulate interest in collegiate cycling among our community by creating and participating in community events and service opportunities. The Cycling Sport Club participates in competitions during all 4 seasons (fall, winter, spring and summer). These competitions are mostly local throughout Central Oregon.

Student Contact: Alastair Fowler
Advisor: Kyle Webb

E-Sports Club

The mission of OSU-Cascades E-Sports is to offer an environment in which students can develop their skills through tough competition. We support players of all skill levels by providing opportunities for anyone who has a passion for gaming. We compete at a collegiate-varsity level, these competitions mainly take place during spring and fall.

Student Contact: Ryan Earl
Advisor: Ryan Scheirer

Ski, Snowboard, Nordic and Alpine Sports Club

The purpose of the SSNAC is to provide students with an accessible means to participate, train and/or compete in Nordic skiing, Alpine skiing, and Snowboarding within the growing community and at the collegiate level in Bend. Furthermore, we wish to increase interest in collegiate snow sports among our community by creating and participating in community events and service opportunities at a more available level for students. We participate mainly in local competitions although we also take part in Northwest competitions which mainly take place during winter and spring.

Student contact: Carrington Fastelin
Advisor: Kristen Martin

Trail Running Sport Club

The mission of the Trail Running Sport Club is to provide students with a welcoming environment to enjoy trail running, and all of the personal growth and fun that the activity has to offer. Additionally, the Bend Beavs Trail Team seeks to empower runners to train to their fullest potential, and provide exciting and safe outlets for competition in the disciplines of mountain and trail running.

Read a Trail Running Sport Club profile.

Student contact: Danny Fisher
Advisor: Bridget Rhine

Disc Golf Sport Club

We are the Disc Golf Sport Club for OSU-Cascades. Disc golf is structured so that it emphasizes honesty and builds character in individuals. We believe that every person should have an opportunity to experience true sportsmanship in a team-oriented environment. Therefore, we are dedicated to introducing, promoting, and teaching players about the sport of disc golf. Our program ensures that disc golf is played according to the rules of the sport and with a positive attitude. We hope to spread the word about this sport so that everyone may have an opportunity to participate.

Student contact: Nicholas Smith
Advisor: Douglas Bauer