Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Organizations are an essential part of student life at OSU-Cascades and a great way to get involved. They provide opportunities for the development of educational, cultural, social, and recreational aspects of our student community through the organization of activities and events.

We are currently home to over 22 student organizations, including 4 competitive sports clubs. Find a list of all our clubs below and if you cannot find a club that covers your interests you can even start your own club!

Art Club

OSU-Cascades Art Club’s mission is to promote creativity and design-centered thinking for students of all backgrounds, majors, and class standings. This goal will be achieved through on campus events, local events, and by attending regional conferences. We want to inspire students to be creative and think about design, especially if they don’t consider themselves artists or art majors.

Student Contact: Tessa Moody
Advisor: Kiel Fletcher

Association of Energy Engineers Cascades Chapter (AEE)

Our mission is to help those with an interest in engineering learn about the different disciplines of engineering, provide information and resources for AEE engineering certifications, establish student connections with local employers through networking opportunities such as guest presentations and facilities tours, and to increase community awareness of OSU Cascades’ Energy Systems Engineering program.

Student Contact: Tori McGee
Advisor: Rebecca Webb

At Your PACE

The mission of At Your PACE, an acronym for Peer Assistance with Continuing Education, is to create a
support system that connects undergraduate peer mentors with high school students, who may
not believe college is attainable. Our peer mentors build connections, offer a picture of campus
life, and encourage teens to explore all academic avenues. PACE plans campus events aimed to
increase college readiness. We also host campus events aimed at increasing career and college
readiness while giving teens exposure to the college environment.

Student Contact: Cazanda Aporbo

Advisor: Elizabeth Marino

Bioscience Journal Club

The purpose of the Biosciences Journal Club is to foster knowledge of, and exposure to, scientific literature in areas of bioscience study at OSU-Cascades. Our goal is to introduce students to primary scientific publications through regular group discussions of a preselected science journal, and to encourage critical thinking and analysis of such literature. Working together to broaden our understanding, we hope to aid in producing impactful members of the scientific community.

Student Contact: Lizbeth Calianno

Advisor: Jeff Gautschi

Business Club

The values of the club are to extend throughout the business community of Bend and its surrounding counterparts. The services offered support the students in the aspect of networking locally and providing a unique perspective of the industrial complexities found in real world experience.

Student Contact: Wesley Peterson
Advisor: Kim Vierra

Cascades Cycling & Sport Club 

The purpose of the OSU-Cascades Cycling club is to provide students a means with which to participate, train and/or compete in road biking, mountain biking, and cyclocross within the growing sport of collegiate cycling. Furthermore, we wish to stimulate interest in collegiate cycling among our community by creating and participating in community events and service opportunities.

Student Contact: Alastair Fowler
Advisor: Kyle Webb
  Best Club Event of 2018-2019 for "Fat Tire Bike Ride"

Cascades Gaming Club

The purpose of the Cascades Gaming Club is to form a gaming community that will be inclusive and respectful to all students that wish to join. We provide games/consoles that students may not have access to, along with the ability to play with other students in a friendly and/or competitive manner. We also have added Virtual Reality to our list of services for new experiences at our events.

Student Contact: Ethan Weikel
Advisor: Yong Bakos

Cascades Student Sustainability Initiative Club (CSSI)

CSSI fosters student engagement in sustainability within the OSU Cascades community. CSSI provides and promotes opportunities for its members to get involved with campus sustainability initiatives. CSSI aims to raise environmental awareness and create behavioral change within the student body and OSU Cascades to create a sustainable culture, with the ultimate goal of creating a truly sustainable campus and improving social/environmental justice for all. CSSI is open to students of any major with an interest in learning about sustainability and working on campus projects.

Student Contact: Megan Bolt
Advisor: Nathan Moses


The mission of OSU-Cascades E-Sports is to offer an environment in which students can develop their skills through tough competition. We support players of all skill levels by providing opportunities for anyone who has a passion for gaming.

Student Contact: Ryan Earl

Advisor: Ryan Scheirer

Garden Club

To provide a sense of community at OSU-Cascades for students who share a passion for gardening, civic duty, and to provide education to those who want to learn about the natural world and how to live a sustainable life.

Student Contact: Alex Zaiser

Hacker Refactor

The mission of Hacker Refactor is to advocate for more diverse minds at OSU/local community to be part of the Tech Industry and to provide a safe environment where women are encouraged to think out of the box. Additionally, foster diversity within the OSU-Cascades/Bend tech community by providing opportunities for students to explore the field of computer science and develop professional skills. Hacker Refactor is a great place for those who are curious about what the field of computer science has to offer as well as young professionals seeking to develop new skills and connections. Club events include professional development workshops, teaching at local K-12 schools,
fundraising, and more. We want to create an environment where everyone who wants to be involved with
technology feels safe and supported.

Student Contact: Marji Symonds

Advisor: Jill Hubbard

Natural Sciences Club

The purpose of the OSU-Cascades Natural Sciences Club is to foster student communication and encourage connectivity with the surrounding community. The club’s goals include  enhancing the OSU-Cascades student experience through service learning, hosting professional speakers, and encouraging natural area stewardships and collaboration.

Student Contact: Nicholas Sergienko

Advisor: Ron Reuter

  Best Club of 2017-2018

Paddle Club

The Cascades Paddle Club is to provide students a means with which to participate in different paddle sports. The aim is to also provide a sense of community at Cascades for students who share a passion or an interest for paddle sports.

Student Contact: Kelsey Abbott
Advisor: Julia Conrad

Pre-Health Sciences Club

The mission of the Pre-Health Sciences Club is to provide knowledge to our members about career or volunteer opportunities. This will be accomplished by partnering with advisors and career center associates to bring in speakers. We support students and members by providing opportunities to get involved within the community or touring local medical schools for experience. This will be accomplished by providing all students with equal opportunities during every event or meeting.

Pre-Health Sciences Club Blog

Student Contact: Abby Teal
Advisor: Pat Ball

Psych Club

Compelling psychology, HDFS, and social science majors, minors, and all interests in between to engage further into the processes of the mind and implement positive mental health on campus. We aim to connect undergraduates with opportunities for community involvement, volunteering, networking, socializing, and building their professional curriculum vitae.

Student Contact: Anna Mallery

Advisor: Peter Sparks

Rock Climbing Club 

The mission of OSU-Cascades Rock Climbing Club is to provide a safe, fun, learning environment for our members. We offer accessibility to the Bend Rock Gym and teach about rock climbing techniques and skills. Members can expect to learn how to belay, top-rope, boulder, and more. The club offers both indoor and outdoor group climbs. OSU-Cascades Rock Climbing Club is a great way for new students to get involved and meet new people. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of climbing experience.

Student Contact: Connor Park
Advisor: Andrew Hawley

  Best Club 2018-2019

Rock Climbing Sports Club (Competitive)

Our purpose is to create a team that helps students take their rock climbing skills to the next level and provide them with competition experience. The mission of OSU-Cascades Rock Climbing Club Sport is to teach others
how to train properly, push team members to improve their climbing ability, and represent OSU-Cascades at rock climbing competitions.

Student Contact: Gabe Mcfarlane
Advisor: Andrew Hawley

  Best Sports Club 2018-2019


Rotaract is a service club for OSU-Cascades students who are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges while developing leadership skills and making friends from around the world. 

Student Contact: Noah Marzke

Advisor: Kim Vierra

Spanish Language and Culture Club

The Spanish Language and Culture Club is open to all students interested in practicing conversational Spanish and connecting socially with like-minded peers. Our goal is to create a fun and friendly space both to extend the Spanish classroom and practice skills that can be used outside of school. There are no class-related requirements for attending club meetings—other than a desire to engage with other students and the Spanish language!

Student Contact: Alexa Tawzer

Advisor: David Engel

Tech Club of Cascades

The Tech Club is designed to unite members of the OSU-Cascades community with an interest in technology and innovation. We want to create a space for students to help their community, connect with employers and build solutions for real-world problems.

Beyond campus, the Cascades Tech Club of OSU-Cascades also seeks to establish a positive and lasting relationship with community stakeholders. We will strive for this relationship by speaking to local high school students about the university on behalf of OSU-Cascades, providing community service, and establishing partnerships with local technology companies for student networking and internship opportunities.

Student Contact: Francesco Aiello
Advisor: Jesse Chaney

Write the Wrong Club

Write the Wrong is a group dedicated to cultivating a challenging and safe community for OSU-Cascades students to engage in group discussion around topics there are no easy answers for, express themselves creatively, raise social awareness, and learn about what it means to be “contemporary.”

Student Contact: Alexa Tawzer
Advisor: Jenna Goldsmith

Please note, there may be a general membership fee for select Sport Clubs. Fees may range anywhere from $0-$2500.