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American Association of University Women (AAUW)

The OSU-Cascades AAUW student organization empowers all women and girls to reach their highest potential. We work to bring activities and events to promote women’s issues on our campus and in our community. AAUW will play a role in supporting any and all female students who seek help with their academic endeavors.

Student Contact: Casey Thomas
Advisor: Laura Kloss

Association of Energy Engineers Cascades Chapter (AEE)

The Association of Energy Engineers mission is: “to promote the scientific and educational interests of those engaged in the energy industry and to foster action for sustainable development.” We at the Cascades AEE Student Chapter embrace this mission statement while adding the following elements: Helping those with interest in engineering to learn about the different areas of engineering, providing information and resources for different engineering certifications, establishing student connections with local employers through providing networking opportunities during guest presentations, and increasing community awareness of OSU Engineering programs.

Student Contact: Gertrude Villaverde
Advisor: Rebecca Webb

Biosciences Journal Club

The purpose of the Biosciences Journal Club is to foster knowledge of and exposure to scientific literature in areas of study at OSU-Cascades. Our goal is to introduce students to scientific literature through regular group discussions of a pre-selected science journal and to encourage critical thinking and analysis. Working together to broaden our understanding, we hope to aid in producing impactful members of the scientific community. 

The Biosciences Journal Club Blog

Student Contact: Kaitlyn Mattson
Advisor: Jeff Gautschi

Cascades Cycling & Sport Club 

The purpose of the OSU-Cascades Cycling club is to provide students a means with which to participate, train and/or compete in road biking, mountain biking, and cyclocross within the growing sport of collegiate cycling. Furthermore, we wish to stimulate interest in collegiate cycling among our community by creating and participating in community events and service opportunities. Our current focus is on mountain biking.

Student Contact: Meghan Sexton
Advisor: Kristen Martin

Cascades Multicultural Club

The mission of the OSU-Cascades Multicultural Club is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all students to learn about the different cultures and backgrounds of the students attending OSU-Cascades. We offer students an opportunity to learn about the different cultures and experience some of the traditional attributes of each background, as well as providing a community to help new and present international students.

Student Contact: Al Moatez Al Kindi
Advisor: Debbie Goff

Cascades Student Sustainability Initiative Club (CSSI)

CSSI fosters student engagement in sustainability within the OSU Cascades community. CSSI provides and promotes opportunities for its members to get involved with campus sustainability initiatives. CSSI aims to raise environmental awareness and create behavioral change within the student body and OSU Cascades to create a sustainable culture, with the ultimate goal of creating a truly sustainable campus and improving social/environmental justice for all. CSSI is open to students of any major with an interest in learning about sustainability and working on campus projects.

Student Contact: Megan Bolt
Advisor: Nathan Moses

Cascades Solar Car Team 

Add to the development of essential marketing and STEM skills for members of the campus community, while creating a professional atmosphere. This team builds cars using solar technology. We encourage passion, knowledge, and practice ethical decision making within our team.

Student Contact: Alex Zaiser
Advisor: Carmen Martinez

Cascades Veterans Club

Our goal is to develop a sense of camaraderie among our military students and veterans and to establish, provide and maintain a network of support amongst our members so that they are successful in their endeavors in pursuing their education at OSU-Cascades. Annual events include Veteran's Day Luncheon, Veteran's Day Parade, Coffee Talks, Collection Drives, Vet Art Gallery, and more.

Student Contact: David Hamrick
Advisor: Shane Voudren

Clay Club

The purpose of the OSU-Cascades Clay Club is to provide students with a space and opportunity to sculpt and wheel-throw clay and to encourage creativity in the ceramic community.

Student Contact: Mia Bagaric
Advisor: Scott Geddes

Community Research and Outreach Club

The purpose of the Oregon State University-Cascades Research & Community Outreach Club is to provide undergraduate research students with opportunities to explore the world of research through workshops with professionals, guest presentations and event planning. Experience in research is not required!

Student Contact: Aubrey Sills

Advisor: Brianne Kothari 

College Young Life Club

Helping students grow in their faith, foster spiritual formation, through relationships, fun, and adventure.

Student Contact: Jeffrey Beach

Advisor: Rachel Dudley

Cultured Club

The mission of Cultured Club is to give students hands-on opportunities to work on fermentation projects.  Through our shared interest in fermentation, the Cultured Club will engage on campus, host events, and educate others about the wonderful benefits of fermentation.

Student Contact: Tessa Moody

Advisor: Nick Dahl

Equal Rights Alliance (ERA)

The mission of our organization is to create a safe space for people interested in and or invested in the LGBTQ+ community to discuss and promote equal rights on campus. This organization will foster the promotion of cultural and academic growth for OSU-Cascades students. Annual events include Diversity Week, Trans Day of Remembrance, National Coming Out Day, and more!

Student Contact: Lynnea Fredrickson
Advisor: Jenna Goldsmith

Gardening Club

To provide a sense of community at OSU-Cascades for students who share a passion for gardening, civic duty, and to provide education to those who want to learn about the natural world and how to live a sustainable life. 

Student Contact: Rachel McGuy
Advisor: Sharon Van Dusen

Golf Club

The OSU Cascades Golf Club was designed to unite students and faculty in their passion for golf. It provides an outlet for beavers to play, watch, and discuss the game. In addition, this club is meant to get students and faculty more active in the vibrant Bend golf community. One goal of this club is to create partnerships between the university and local courses.

Student Contact: Alex Gaekwad
Advisor: Nick Dahl

Hula Hoop and Flow Arts Club

We gather together to engage the OSU-Cascades community in the world of flow arts. We share our passion for rhythm and pattern in motion. Join us for field trips to local warm flow spaces around Bend. We provide opportunities to learn how to make your own hula hoops. Beginners are welcome! 

Student Contact: Melanie Dreifke

Advisor: Brady Kendrick

Kinesiology Club

The mission of the OSU-Cascades Kinesiology Club is to foster personal, academic, and professional growth by participating in and volunteering with many local events and organizations, organizing and attending events of interest to us, and promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle throughout our campus and community.

Student Contact: Kajsa Palafox
Advisor: Tim Burnett

Natural Resources & Sciences Club

The purpose of the OSU Cascades Natural Sciences Club is to foster student communication and encourage connectivity with the surrounding community. The club’s goals include enhancing the OSU-Cascades student experience through service learning, hosting professional speakers, and encouraging natural area stewardship and collaboration.

NR Club Documents (Agendas, Minutes, Budgets, Constitution)

Student Contact: Nick Maithonis
Advisor: Ron Reuter

Pre-Health Sciences Club

The mission of the Pre-Health Sciences Club is to provide knowledge to our members about career or volunteer opportunities. This will be accomplished by partnering with advisors and career center associates to bring in speakers. We support students and members by providing opportunities to get involved within the community or touring to local medical schools for the experience. This will be accomplished by providing all students with equal opportunities during every event or meeting.

Pre-Health Sciences Club Blog

Student Contact: Abby Teal
Advisor: Pat Ball

Psychology Club

The purpose of this club is to give students an interactive and exciting way to associate with like-minded individuals and the ability to connect to the Psychology Club at Oregon State University-Cascades. Our goal is to create social and professional networking opportunities for club members and to help students build career-oriented skills allowing them to give back to the community.

Student Contact: Aubrey Sills
Advisor: Peter Sparks
Club Contact:

Rock Climbing Club 

The mission of OSU Cascades Rock Climbing Club is to provide a safe, fun, learning environment for our members. We offer accessibility to the Bend Rock Gym and teach about rock climbing techniques and skills. Members can expect to learn how to belay, top-rope, boulder, and more. The club plans to offer both indoor and outdoor group climbs. OSU Cascades Rock Climbing Club is a great way for new students to get involved and meet new people. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of climbing experience. 

Student Contact: Connor Park
Advisor: Andrew Hawley

Rock Climbing Sports Club (Competitive)

Sports club team member tryouts are in September. Rock Sport's collegiate season runs February through April each year. Focus for this year is on competitive bouldering.

Student Contact: Gabe Mcfarlane
Advisor: Andrew Hawley

Spanish Language & Cultural Club

The purpose of the Spanish Language and Cultural Club is to promote interest and understanding of Spanish language and culture. Our mission is to create an inclusive environment that is conducive for students to learn about all things Spanish. The club will provide an opportunity for Spanish language practice and celebrate the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world. We celebrate inclusion and strive to make all members feel valued. The Spanish Language and Cultural Club welcomes all who have passion, desire and a dream to explore; we welcome you to share in the transaction of knowledge.

Student Contact: Nathan Goldberg

Advisor: David Engel

Tech Club of Cascades

The purpose of the Tech Club of Cascades is to advise students interested in attending OSU-Cascades and/or pursuing a degree in computer science, hold social events, provide tutoring to fellow club members, participate in regional computer science conferences, and attend lectures conducted by local professors and students. To maintain currency with emerging trends in computer science (e.g. Internet of Things), the organization will take on various extracurricular projects and host literature reviews for students to discuss and explore possible undergraduate research opportunities. Beyond campus, the Tech Club of Cascades also seeks to establish a positive and lasting relationship with community stakeholders. We will strive for this relationship by speaking to local high school students about the university on behalf of OSU-Cascades, providing community service, and establishing partnerships with local technology companies for student networking and internship opportunities.

Student Contact: Francesco Aiello
Advisor: Yong Bakos

Winter Recreation Club

Our mission is to offer films, events and outings aimed at connecting students who love to experience outdoor winter activities and sports with each other. We seek to offer entry-level activities as well as intermediate and advanced outings to serve all skill levels within our campus community. Look for upcoming activities that could include alpine skiing & snowboarding, snowshoeing, alpine climbing, cross-country skiing, ice-skating, tubing, snowmobiling, sledding and more!

Student contact: Thomas Cousins, Colleen White, Iqmal Wolfenden

Advisor: Kristen Martin

Write the Wrong Club

Write the Wrong is a group dedicated to cultivating a challenging and safe community for OSU Cascade students to engage in Socratic style discussion groups, share personal written work, and learn about what it means to be “contemporary.”

Student Contact: Kevin Ramsden
Advisor: Jenna Goldsmith

Please note, there may be a general membership fee for select Sport Clubs. Fees may range anywhere from $0-$2500.