What is energy systems engineering?

The ABET-accredited energy systems engineering program at OSU-Cascades is part of the OSU College of Engineering’s School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. It combines engineering fundamentals with energy-focused technical courses and business management classes. This multidisciplinary curriculum provides students with a strong foundation in the core principles of mechanical, electrical and industrial engineering. Additional courses in energy consumption, distribution, storage, conversion, policy and business management help prepare energy systems engineering students for rewarding technical careers in the broad energy field.

What do energy systems engineers do?

Energy systems engineers design devices, processes and systems used to convert, distribute and store energy. It is a broad field with many opportunities.

What you can expect from the degree program

  • Personal relationships with professors as part of a small classroom setting
  • Hands-on laboratory work using state-of-the-art equipment (Eight classes with labs)
  • Exposure to industry-standard engineering software and programming languages
  • To help solve a real-world problem for an industry sponsor in Capstone Design
  • Undergraduate research
  • Internship opportunities

Where do energy systems engineers work?

Our alumni are working at many different companies and in a variety of roles including:

  • Project engineer at Deschutes Brewery
  • Design engineer at BasX
  • Power systems engineer at Eaton
  • Power engineer at Pacific Power
  • Production manager at EarthCruiser
  • Manufacturing engineer at Bend Research, Inc
  • Mechanical engineer at OnBoard Dynamics

OSU College of Engineering

OSU’s College of Engineering is a professional school in that students must complete pre-engineering requirements before they apply to the energy systems engineering program. Students can complete pre-engineering courses for energy systems engineering through the dual-enrollment program between OSU-Cascades and Central Oregon Community College (COCC). Upper level energy systems engineering courses are then taken at OSU-Cascades. 

The energy systems engineering program is only offered at OSU-Cascades. OSU pre-engineering students in Corvallis need to transfer to OSU-Cascades and complete the upper level energy systems engineering courses in Bend.

ABET accreditation

The energy systems engineering program is ABET accredited. This accreditation is retroactive to the first energy systems engineering graduate in Fall 2012.

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