2022-2023 ASCC Elections Results Are In!

Information for the 2023-2024 elections will be posted by the end of Winter term 2023

The 2022-2023 ASCC Elections results are certified as follows:

  • ASCC President: Taha Elwefati
  • ASCC Vice President: Taha Elwefati
  • ASCC Director of Legislative Affairs: Vacant

Letter to Candidates

(This information will be changed and updated for the 2023-2024 elections by the end of Winter term)

Dear Candidate,

On behalf of Elections committee, I would like to commend you on your interest in ASCC. This packet should contain all of the information vital for you to be successful in your campaigning. If at any point you have a question or concern about the elections, please reach out to the Elections Committee and we will try and get a response to you promptly. The Elections Committee is here to organize and plan the elections to ensure that it is a fair and equal process. We are happy to clarify any guidelines.

This Elections committee is striving to ensure that the 2023 Elections are accessible and equitable for all candidates. We strongly encourage all students from any backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status to run for one of the elected ASCC positons. 

Elections can be a long and difficult process, so please take the time to read this packet and feel free to email me or the Elections Committee with any copies. Not being informed or ignorant is not an excuse to violate any of the guidelines set in this packet. The elections committee will take these guidelines very seriously.

The positions available through the election process are: President, Vice President (SFC Chair), and Director of Legislative Affairs. This packet contains important dates, election guidelines, and all forms necessary to become a candidate. Please ask questions if you need any clarification on the election process.

As a potential representative of the student body, feel free to ask around to students and clubs about issues they may be facing as a Cascades student. Being informed will help you as a potential representative for student voice. Just a reminder, campaigning starts on March 30th, 2023 so please wait to campaign until the date. This is the first step for a long journey ahead of you and we wish you the best in your endeavors.

Best Regards,


Elections Committee



Requirements for Candidacy

(This information will be changed and updated for the 2023-2024 elections by the end of Winter term)

Candidates for any elected or appointed office must meet the following University requirements to hold office: 

  • Undergraduate students shall have earned at least six (6) hours of credits in their most recently completed term, be currently registered for at least six (6) hours at OSU-Cascades, not be on conduct probation, be in good academic standing and have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5.  

    • In rare cases where two or more OSU-Cascades classes interfere with each other, ASCC Executive members may take the class online or at Central Oregon Community College (COCC) with proof of class schedule overlap. 

    • In the case of an Executive Member being a senior, they must complete at least one 3 credit class on campus, the rest of their classes will be taken at the campus of their choice (OSU-C, COCC, or e-campus).

  • Graduate students shall have earned at least five (5) hours of credit in their most recently completed term, be currently registered for at least five (5) hours at OSU-Cascades,  not be on conduct probation, and have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.  

    • It is not necessary to enroll in summer term and will not disqualify an otherwise qualified candidate for elections or appointment

Info Sessions

(This information will be changed and updated for the 2023-2024 elections by the end of Winter term)

All candidates are required to attend one (1) candidate info session where they will receive a candidate packet with information about the election.

Info Session 1

Monday, April 5

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Info Session 2

Friday, April 9

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Candidate Forum

(This information will be changed and updated for the 2023-2024 elections by the end of Winter term)


Date: TBD

Time: TBD



Candidate Packet

All Information for the 2023-2024 election will be posted by the end of Winter term!

You can view the Candidate Packet in its entirety here...

(Coming Soon!)

Campaign Guidelines

Requirements for all Elected Positions:

(This information will be changed and updated for the 2023-2024 elections by the end of Winter term)
  • Candidates must intend to be enrolled for the entire academic year at the OSU-Cascades and meet the minimum requirements for the ASCC Executive Board. 
  • To appear on the ballot, candidates must officially declare for candidacy by submitting the required documents to the ASCC office by the deadline established by the Elections Committee (April 14 @ 12am). 
  • Eligibility will be confirmed of all candidates and candidates will be notified only if they do not meet requirements.
  • Candidates may change the position for which they are running no later than the date specified by the Elections Committee. 
  • Candidates for elected offices are required to attend an information session hosted by the Elections Committee to be eligible to run for office. 

Campaign Materials:

  • All candidates participating in the ASCC Elections must have all campaign material submitted to the ASCC Elections Committee prior to posting. All postings must follow the University posting policy. 
    • Candidates may have a maximum of 2 different flyer designs for bulletin boards.
      • 4 copies will be posted on campus bulletin boards.
    • Candidates may submit one digital screen for posting on campus. Size requirements are 1920p x 1080p.
    • Candidates may submit one social media photo and description to be posted on the ASCC Instagram.
    • Candidates will have access to the following resources
      • Canva
      • Free Printing including 2 Flyer designs for bulletin boards (28 copies total, 4 will be used for bulletin boards for each design)
      • Button maker (50 max per candidate)
  • No campaign materials may be placed on building exteriors, light poles, trees or automobiles. 
  • No chalking shall be permitted. 
  • No negative campaigning
  • No candidate or affiliate shall remove or deface the campaign materials of another candidate. 
  • Only the members of the Elections Committee shall remove illegal campaign materials. 
  • Campaigning may not include the use of Benny the Beaver, OSU-Cascades or OSU logos or symbols or any pictures that may be perceived as an endorsement by the University. 
  • All candidates and campaigns shall comply with libel and slander laws. 
  • All materials must be removed by the candidate 24 hours after the voting closes
  • Candidates may table in or outside Obsidian Hall or Tykeson Hall. No tabling in the Residence Hall.
  • Campaign shall not disrupt Student Learning or experience.
  • Cost of campaign materials may not exceed $100 as detailed in the financial portion of this packet and must be documented using the financial form with receipts and submitted by the deadline. Candidates may utilize the Student Life printer for basic posters, but any extra expense will be required on the financial form. These expenses include but are not limited to: lamination, button making (>50 buttons), stickers, and/or posters larger than a standard sheet size 
  • No campaign materials may be distributed or displayed that are not publicly accessible to all students. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Displaying or distributing any flyers to limited access residence hall floors without UHDS or Resident Director Approval

Campaign Locations:

  • Campaigning at OSU-Cascades is at the discretion of the Student Life Organization's policy as follows.
    • Advertisements in non-common areas and non-dining areas must meet the following requirements to be considered for UHDS distribution:
      •  Advertisements must be submitted by, and in promotion of events affiliated with, OSU departments and registered student organizations. 
      • Must not be misleading, fraudulent, or promoting an illegal activity.
      • Must not be used for any purpose that would be in direct competition with fee-based services of University Housing & Dining Services.
      • Must contain the name of the sponsoring organization, name of the president (or other leader or contact person), and a current phone number or email address.  
      • Must have pertinent information (i.e., dates, times, contacts, etc.) written in English, or in the case of foreign language exists, must be accompanied by an English language translation to ensure communication with the overall University community.
      • Must include one of the following statements: 
        • For alternative formats or accommodations related to a disability, please contact (sponsoring department/organization contact name) at (phone or email); or
        • Accommodation requests related to disability should be made by [specific date] to [sponsoring department/organization contact person, phone number, and email address].
    • Because Residence Halls are secured as private residences, UHDS community members not residing in the respective facilities in which they wish to advertise must first have their material approved by OSU-Cascades Residential Education and Housing (housing@osucascades.edu) for distribution.   
    • Advertisements that have not been approved under this policy may be immediately removed and any associated costs or physical damages will be charged to those responsible parties. Students or representatives of the advertised organizations may also be referred to Student Conduct for disciplinary action.
    • Campaigning in classes and lectures is left to the discretion of the instructor. 
  • The following areas are considered neutral and no campaign materials may be placed therein: all campus restrooms, the Student Life Office and the ASCC office, Food Pantry, Equity Lounge, limited access Residence Hall floors unless granted explicit permission from Residence Hall ED.

Campaign Media Policies:

  • Candidates shall provide the ASCC Director of PR with any campaign social media for the official ASCC/OSU-C accounts 
    • The Director of PR will have the ability to make changes for the ASCC/Cascades pages to ensure unbiased language is used for Beaver Tracks, social media posts, and any other PR utilized for elections.
    • 1 post per candidate on the ASCC Instagram page
  • Personal social media platforms shall remain fair and professional to ensure quality of campaigning
    • Examples of unfair or unprofessional social media presence includes, but are not limited to: 
      • Biased language against other candidates
      • Language diminishing the ASCC office, other student life entities, or OSU-Cascades as a whole
    • Failure to do abide by this guideline is considered a minor offense
    • Content must still be submitted to the Elections Committee for approval before posting.

Campaign Violation: 

  • Campaigning may not begin before April 19, at 8:00 am. Early campaigning can lead to an unfair advantage. This violation is worthy of disqualification. 
  • At all times candidates shall conduct themselves with the highest degree of moral fortitude as determined by the judgement of the elections committee, and shall act in accordance with the OSU Code of Conduct.
  • Each candidate has a $100.00 limit. Presidential tickets also have a $100.00 limit. Don’t spend over your $100.00 limit. Spending over $300.00 will disqualify your candidacy
  • Don’t combine funds with another candidate or place marketing materials on building exteriors, light poles, trees, or automobiles.
  • Money shall not come from public sources or organizations (either internal or external to OSU), but may come from private sources such as friends and family members. 
  • No chalking or defacing or removing campaign materials of another candidate.
  • Don’t slander other candidates, campaign in classrooms, campaign within 100ft of an official ASCC Elections event, campaign in the ASCC Office, submit a vote for another student, tamper with electronic voting system, promote another campaign through your materials/social media, pay members of your own campaigning committee, solicit or receive endorsement for your candidacy from any department or office within Oregon State University, or any organization who may receive funding from Oregon State University (i.e. Student Fee Funded department/organization/club, etc.) 
  • All marketing material must be approved by the elections committee (send all ​marketing materials to ASCC.Presdident@osucascades.edu​). We will get back to you within 48 hours.
  • Don’t use any official Oregon State University or ASCC logos, as this may be interpreted as an endorsement by the university or ASCC. 
  • Don't provide a ‘means of voting’ to students. (Don’t directly send voting link to individuals). You should, however, include the voting link on all marketing materials.

Campaigning on a Ballot:

  • Allowed, but posting is limited to one poster per campaign group, not including the one poster per candidate. 
  • Funds may not exceed $100 if running in a group
  • Do not share funds

Campaign Open Forum Information:

  • Open forum shall be held in a visible location such as Obsidian Hall or Tykeson for maximum student engagement. A Zoom option will also be provided to maximize participation during the pandemic.
  • Candidates will receive a maximum of five minutes to give their opening statement
  • Candidates may submit 1 slide of information for the screen if room requirements are met
  • Students are allowed and encouraged to submit questions to be asked during the forum

Elections Timeline

March 12 - Elections Committee Formed

6:00 PM, April 5 - Election Info Session (Zoom)

6:00 PM, April 9 - Election Info Session (Zoom)

11:59 PM, April 14 - Elections Candidacy Due

8:00 AM, April 19 - Campaigning Starts

TBD - Candidate Open Forum (Zoom and Obsidian Hall Livestream)

5:00 PM, April 25 - Campaigning Ends

5:00 PM, April 25 - Candidate Financial Statements Due

April 26 - Voting Opens

April 29 - Voting Closes

12:00 PM, April 30 - Results Announced