ID Cards are printed in the residence hall mailroom located on the first floor.
Map and Directions

Mail & ID Center Hours of Operation - Effective June 15, 2020

Monday-Friday: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Key card access to mailboxes and drop slots: Sunday-Saturday: 6 a.m. – Midnight

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I punch a hole in my ID Card?

Please do not punch holes in your ID Cards, there are electronics in the card (for the door locks) and punching holes, even outside the area of the chip, will damage them.

Q: What does my ID Card do?
A: Your OSU-Cascades ID serves as your official identification as a member of the student body, faculty, staff, or an authorized contractor. Student, faculty, and staff ID cards (with a valid transit sticker) also serve as a transit pass. As our campus grows, your ID will also serve the following functions:
•    Electronic access to buildings using contactless technology
•    Payment for goods from authorized vendors at OSU-Cascades
•    Payment for printing from automated printing stations
•    Tracking of attendance at events
•    Load Orange Cash onto your card to use in the dining hall

Q: How do I request after-hours access to OSU-Cascades' facilities, or changes to my current access level?
A: Follow the instructions on the Facility Access Request page.

Q: Why won’t my ID Card allow me to print at COCC?
A: COCC uses a different system than OSU and their system will not accept OSU ID Cards.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Please bring a photo ID, this should either be a government-issued driver license or passport. You may also use an ID Card issued by OSU in Corvallis. If you are a new employee to OSU-Cascades, please bring proof of your start date (a signed offer letter is acceptable). New employees may be issued an ID two weeks prior to the start date. 

Q: Is there a cost for an ID Card?
A: Your first ID Card is free of charge; replacement cards will be charged a $25 fee. We only accept exact change, personal check, or credit card.

Q: Will my photo be taken?
A: Yes, your photo will be taken at the time you pick up your ID. Please do not wear a hat, sunglasses, or any other clothing that obscures your face.

Issuing and Replacement

ID Cards will be issued to all incoming freshman, transfer students (including those from OSU in Corvallis or other campuses), new faculty and staff, and contractors who regularly work within campus facilities. Lost cards must be reported to Public Safety immediately in order to deactivate the card.

Faculty and Staff

New faculty and staff will be issued an ID Card on their first day of work. It is anticipated that cards will need to be replaced approximately every 4 years due to normal wear. The original card and regularly-scheduled replacements will be paid-for through the Facilities budget. Replacement cards that are needed on a more frequent basis will be issued as-needed and will be charged to the department to which the individual reports, with department approval, or by a personal payment. New faculty and staff may pick up a new card 2 weeks prior to their start date. 


Incoming freshman will be issued ID Cards as part of their orientation; the issuance will be phased to accommodate the large demand. Transfer students can be issued an ID card as soon as the enrollment process is complete. Students living on-campus will need to be issued ID Cards at check-in, in order to gain access to residential and dining facilities. The initial ID card is free-of-charge. Replacement Student ID cards will be placed on the student account, separate from incidental fees.
ID Cards that malfunction due to a manufacturing flaw or age will be replaced free-of-charge. Cards should last for four years without the need for replacement. Lost or damaged cards will be replaced for a nominal fee that will cover the cost of replacement.